Friday 12 August 2016

Why I'm in love with Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard

Firstly can I start off by saying this isn't a sponsored post... HOWEVER Beauty Boulevard did send me a red sparkly lip set across simply because they know how much I LOVE SPARKLES! 

I'm not gonna lie when I opened up the white jiffy bag and was greeted with a pot of sparkly goodness it did feel like Christmas had arrived early.


Most of you will know how my blog name came about but just in case you're new to the Sparkly Blog I'll share right now.... Clare Elise is my name and Sparkles is my nickname. My nickname Sparkles came about from my gigging days. I love glitter so much always have and always will and before going on stage at any of my gigs whether it be a pub / club or a dinner dance I would spend up to an hour applying my makeup and glitter to my eyes and face! Many an entertainment team laughed at me saying that they knew whenever I'd been to a venue because there would be BIG a trail of glitter on the floor from the dressing room to the stage and from this, I got the nickname Sparkles, the rest as they say, is history! LOL!  

(Clare Elise live on stage 2007)
So back to this packet of awesomeness that I received in the post. GLITTER LIPS! If you've not seen these already on Instagram or on Facebook I would be very surprised as Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard Ltd are everywhere right now and the easiest place to get hold of a packet for the weekend is from Superdrug. 
(Clare Elise wearing Ruby Slipper - Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard)
So how does this whole Glitter Lips work then, I hear you ask... 

Basically, it's super simple. You get a little pot of super sparkly glitter in your Glitter Lips kit (there are several shades I used Ruby Slippers), you also get a little applicator which has a brush on it and a pad and you get the magic sticky glue stuff in a little pot in your Glitter Lips kit which you use to stick the glitter in place on your lips.

I seriously so wish that this had been around when I was gigging as I used to apply glitter on top of my lipstick and I would end up with a microphone covered in sparkles by the end of the weekend and regularly use to have to dismantle my microphone and wash the cover.

So... Step 1. Apply the Glitter Lips glue to the lips.
        Step 2. Apply the Glitter Lips coloured glitter to the lips using the enclosed applicator.
        Step 3. Tidy up the lips by brushing off any loose glitter using the little brush enclosed.


So what did I think?

I think Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard is just FABULOUS! I genuinely LOVE IT. I love the idea, I love the company (which is run by two lovely ladies in Lincoln) and I really wish that this had been on the scene when I was gigging. The thing that I really liked about the Glitter Lips is the staying power, once applied it sticks in place so you don't have to worry about reapplying. Removing it is pretty easy, however, you're best using an oil based remover.

ALL IN ALL A FAB PRODUCT which only costs £12.50! Bargain... 

ALSO super exciting news... Glitter Lips by Beauty Boulevard will be featuring on Dragons Den on the BBC this weekend 14th August so make sure you tune in to see how the ladies do in front of the Dragons and to see how Peter Jones likes sparkly lips... enough said!