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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

There was a knock at the door, I opened it and a smiley postman handed me a HUGE BOX. "Is it your Birthday?" he asked. "Yes on Saturday" I replied. "Happy Birthday for then," he said as he walked away from our front door off to deliver more post.

The box was about the size of Lewis. He was mega excited to see what was inside as was I. I slowly opened up the box and was greeted with a stunning bouquet of flowers.

Now I'm not gonna lie. I'm not really a flowers kinda girl. I appreciate flowers and their beauty, however, I rarely get flowers or treat myself to flowers so this was a lovely surprise. I did have a panic though on opening the box as I don't own any vases! 
I pulled the bouquet carefully out of the box and there in the bottom of the box was a vase along with instructions and plant food. Thank goodness for that, panic over.

I'm quite impressed with my flower arranging skills. Aren't you? Ok so maybe it's not all me, maybe the bouquet came beautifully arranged and maybe, just maybe I lifted it out and placed it in the vase full of water. ;) 

This particular bouquet is the New York one. Just in case you wanted to get yourself one or perhaps share this post with the other half in the hope that they get the hint! 

If you're anything like me you may worry about the quality and freshness of flowers sent by post. I can report my friends that you don't need to worry about freshness or quality when ordering flowers for Christmas from Prestige Flowers. The bouquet I received for my Birthday was beautifully arranged with super fresh flowers. I'm glad that they sent me a yellow bouquet as they really do look gorgeous in the living room surrounded by all my gold bling! 

I'd like to say THANK YOU PRESTIGE FLOWERS for sending me such a beautiful bouquet for my up and coming Birthday. They really made me smile.

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Anti Bullying Week - My Story!

Friday, 18 November 2016

I was watching "This Morning" early in the week and I was totally moved by a phone call from a Mum regards how bullying was having a very serious impact on her son's life. 
Being a mum now myself and after the bullying that I've faced in the past, I thought that I would share my story here on my blog and open up to you about how bullying affected me.

I think my first memory of being bullied goes back to being only 5 years old I remember having this ragdoll. I thought she was wonderful, she was nothing special just a soft ragdoll with wool hair and a dress. I took ragdoll to school with me and at playtime took her onto the playing field. I remember all the girls picking on me because I was carrying her with me and one girl grabbed my ragdoll's arm and pulled, within seconds there was a ripping sound and my dolls' arm was placed firming in my bullies grasp. I stood there heartbroken and in floods of tears confused by how I was being treated and sadden by the fact that something that I loved so dearly had been ripped into pieces. I just didn't get it! I'd done nothing to upset them (the bullies) however they were doing everything they could to upset me. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

My mum soon found out about what I was going through at school and made the teachers aware of my bullying. They said they would do what they could do to support me and keep an eye on the situation.... Hmm...

I was bullied through all of my school life. My Junior School was an all Girls School. I had a few close friends and enjoyed their company. However, break times were always horrible as I was made to feel unwelcome in the playground area, therefore, I would sit alone reading or actually sit and cry somewhere alone. The bullying got to me sometimes so much that I would fake feeling ill just so that I could go and lie down away from the bullies in the school nurses room. I look back at it now and think why the heck Clare did you let these girls get away with treating you like this and why did you let them affect your life so much. However, when you're in the situation at a young age it's very easy to feel trapped and you can feel stuck.

Secondary School wasn't any better. I was uncool! I wasn't in the IT CROWD! I had a bob hair cut and spent most of my time rehearsing songs in the music rooms at break time instead of sneaking over the hill for a crafty fag! My time at this school was an interesting one regards bullying. I actually came face to face again with the girl who bullied me when I was 5! She asked to speak to me and I remember walking outside and around the school building and chatting. She apologised to me for all the bullying when I was young. I asked her why she did it and she didn't have an answer for me.... She just said she didn't know! 

I accepted her apology that day and moved forward and I think that helped me to close the door on a painful chapter of my life.

During my Secondary School Days, I had some really hateful things thrown in my face. I was called a "Fat Cow" and other awful things. It was a vicious circle too because over time I got more and more unsure about myself and became more and more unhappy and I ended up just getting off the school bus walking to the village shop and buying lots of chocolate to eat night after night after night. This, in turn, made me gain more weight fueling the bullies more and more.

I do have a positive to this story, though. I would actually like to thank someone. 

S was my First Boyfriend and my First Love. He was the one person who didn't let the bullies win. As soon as the bullies found out that we were dating he got abuse and grief about it, HOWEVER, he decided to stick with me and no matter how much rubbish got thrown his way he comforted me and supported and loved me and for that I'll forever be grateful! 

 I wanted to share with you where I've been and how I got to where I am now....

The bullies laughed at me rehearsing my singing and practising music every break time. Music became my full-time career and thanks to singing I've toured all over the UK & Abroad, I've sung at really large events and performed on stage alongside some famous names, I've also starred in a TV advert, Won a HUGE competition and been seen on Sky, BBC and ITV in various TV shows! The bullies made me even more determined to succeed... So thanks, guys and gurls for helping my career!!! 

I guess my point is. Don't let the bullies win! Remember it's not you, it's them who have the problem. Often bullies feel very unsure and insecure about themselves. Therefore they chose to project their own insecurities onto others in the hope to feel better about themselves. If you yourself are reading this as a victim of bullying please remember you are a beautiful and wonderful person who deserves to live a happy and fulfilled life and don't be scared to ask for support and help. Share the fact that you're being bullied with friends and family or your school or workplace. Don't try to deal with it alone... and one final word for bullies. Think about the impact you are having on someone's life and how unhappy you are making them feel. How would you feel if you were being bullied by you? Not great huh!?

There's some great information here:

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Sparkly Specs from Specsavers!

Sunday, 6 November 2016


I mean really love them. Why? Because they actually SPARKLE

I've worn glasses since I was little. I remember getting my first pair. They were rather large pale pink glasses. Very Eighties! I look back at the pictures of me in my rather large pale pink glasses in the Eighties and Nineties and think WHAT A GEEK! It wasn't such a cool look, but hey mum if you're reading this it's ok... I realise that they were all the "rage" back then! 

If you wear glasses you'll know just how important getting the right pair is. I mean your glasses are part of your day to day look if you wear them daily. Therefore it's so important to get the right fit, the right design and the right colour to suit. 

I've always gone to Specsavers for my glasses. I used to go to one of their stores in Nottingham whilst living in the Midlands and even when I was living in Dubai I used to visit the Nottingham branch once every year for an eye test.

In a few weeks time it'll be my Birthday and as ever I'm sure that I'll be wearing something sparkly on my night out with Chris. Therefore I decided to go on a mission to a local Specsavers to find some quirky, cool, sparkly glasses.

On arrival to the store, I was greeted by smiles from the staff and as I wandered around the many stands of glasses in search of the right pair. I spotted many that caught my eye... here're just a few examples...

I started to feel my heart sink as at first I spotted lots of cute glasses with pretty designs and a little bit of sparkle. However, none that really caught my eye. I really did feel that I was gonna leave Specsavers empty handed

However, as if by magic these super sparkly glasses appeared in my line of vision. They're by Twiggy for Aurora and they're just perfect, look! 


After taking many sparkly selfies, I decided to grab a pair of sparkly specs to call my own and ordered them in store right then and there, and after just one week of waiting I got my sparkly specs from Specsavers , How cool are they?

(This blog post is in collaboration with Specsavers)

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Love Your Mouth!

Friday, 28 October 2016

Let's talk about teeth brushing... 

It was really funny, Lewis had hardly any baby teeth and then all of a sudden after many a sleepless night (Yawn) most of his teeth seemed to just pop through. As soon as his teeth started to appear I gave him a toothbrush and we started learning how to brush! My mum had been the same with me and taught me to brush my teeth from a real early age, so I figured I would do the same with Lewis. 
I have to admit, Lewis isn't so keen on teeth brushing and often I have to give him a helping hand just to make sure we keep his teeth clean. However, I figured a grumpy toddler for two minutes is much better than him having problems with his teeth at a later date.

I've always looked after my teeth. Brushing, flossing and by using mouthwash. I got asked if I wanted to take the "Love Your Mouth Challenge". Of course, the answer was "YES!" 

I went across to this website LOVE YOUR MOUTH and answered just a handful of questions about Chris, Lewis and I and within minutes I had a list of products to help take care of our families teeth.

If you want to find out more about Children's Oral Health or maybe you're wondering about how to deal with your super sensitive teeth. The website LOVE YOUR MOUTH has so much helpful information. 

After taking the Love Your Mouth Challenge the products recommended for me were 

Sensodyne Pronamel®



Sensodyne Pronamel®


I have to admit that I've never really been a fan of Sensodyne products. However, I thought that I would give them a try again seen as these were the two recommended products for me. 

I'm happy to report that these products have been great. My teeth feel super clean after brushing and the mouthwash is fab as it doesn't leave that kinda stinging feeling in your mouth after use. 

* In partnership with Love Your Mouth

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