Leaving Dubai...

Monday, 20 July 2015

It was a cold January morning back in 2011, Chris and I were doing the normal routine of getting up popping the kettle on and getting sorted for the day ahead.
Suddenly Chris' phone binged. It was the email we had both been waiting for, an email that would change our lives forever and take us on an adventure. Chris opened up the email and there it was an offer of a job and a contract, however this wasn't just a new opportunity in the UK to move companies this was an offer to work in Dubai!

(the front door of our old flat in the UK)

That afternoon Chris signed on the dotted line and before we knew it our flat was empty, everything we owned was either sold on Ebay or neatly packed into boxes and we were on a plane to a country we'd never even visited before.

Before leaving to Dubai I read lots of things on the internet and some of it made me nervous as I wondered how my bright hair would be accepted and was worried about fitting in. However I decided just to jump in feet first with the Mr. and see what it would be like.

(Our first photo together in Dubai)

I'm glad I did because we were welcomed with open arms. Originally we said to one another "Let's just try it for a year!" - this was nearly 5 years ago.

Dubai has given us both so much and has opened our eyes to different culture, religions and lifestyle. Dubai's helped us to grow as a couple and it's brought close to us some amazing people from all walks of life and of all different nationalities. 

(Our friends in Dubai)

Our time out here has also been filled with heartache as during our time in this amazing city we met two beautiful souls who were sadly taken away from this world - Ruth and Ian. We'll always remember them and what happiness they brought to our lives. For instance, when I first got to Dubai I didn't feel to well and remember Ian making me a huge bowl of soup and bringing it to our apartment to help me feel better, I'll never forget his kindness. Ruth and me met through my first job here in Dubai; she stood by me through thick and thin and was an inspiration. I know both Chris & I feel blessed to have had these people brought into our lives and they will forever have a place in our hearts.


Back in 2012 as a Valentine's Day gift to us both we decided to rescue a cat. We visited the Sharjah Cat and Dog rescue centre and walked from compartment to compartment seeing all these lovely cats that had been rescued off the streets. In the second to last area there was a lively little black cat that bolted straight toward Chris and I and within minutes began climbing up my leg; he was definitely our cat! The next day I drove back to the rescue centre and picked up our little black cat. His name is Monty and the rest is history... 

(Monty the cat)

Dubai has given us so much; work wise Chris and I have enjoyed working in radio out here and will be forever thankful for the opportunities given to us and the amazing people that we've met on our radio journey out here in the UAE.

Last but not least, Dubai is the place where Chris and I decided to start a family. Baby Lewis was born earlier this year in a fantastic hospital in the centre of Dubai. I feel truly blessed to have been surrounded and looked after by such amazing nurses, doctors and midwives and also afterwards when I suffered with my gallbladder to have been looked after by some fabulous specialists in that same hospital. So thank you if you're reading this right now.

(Lewis' Christening)

After nearly 5 years in this beautiful city we've decided it's time though for us to return back to the UK. There's many reasons for this and it's not because we've fallen out of love with the city - it's just because life has decided to take us back home. We're looking forward as a family to some exciting times ahead in a lovely part of the UK and for Baby Lewis being able to spend time with his Grandparents, Great Grandparents and other family members and our friends. 

Thank you Dubai for giving us so much.

We came to Dubai as a couple, just the two of us with a couple of suitcases. We return to the UK as 4. Chris and me, our cute little boy and a loving rescue cat called Monty.
Here's to an exciting time ahead and a brand new adventure... 

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#MumChat : About being pregnant in Dubai...

Monday, 15 June 2015

Hi there lovelies,

So as you know in January I became a mummy and gave birth to Baby Lewis here in Dubai... 
(Photo by Chloe Lodge)

I blogged my way through pregnancy and Chris and I shared our journey with a  Weekly Pregnancy Vlog. 

Since having Baby Lewis I've had quite a few requests to do a video about what it's like to be pregnant in Dubai. Therefore I've filmed a #MumChat video talking through just this... 

In this video I discuss about health insurance, consultants, not having health insurance, the heat, eating out, doulas, etc. This is just a video sharing my personal experiences and what I've learnt from being pregnant in Dubai... remember to ask your healthcare provider for more in depth details etc. 

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Things I Love Thursday...

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Sometimes it's really easy to lose sight of what matters and who matters. It's easy to get dragged down by things that are thrown your way and sometimes its easy to forget too.
I'm not gonna lie this last week has been tough! 
I've had a little bit of back pain since having Baby Lewis and late last Thursday night my back gave way really badly. This week has seen me go back and forth to the doctors and have physio session after physio session and slowly I'm getting better, but it's going to take time. 
I saw this post by a fellow blogger called Gala Darling and thought. Yeah! That's an awesome thing to do... Let's focus on what we love, who we love and what makes us happy.

So today wherever you may be or what ever you are feeling like. Just take two... sit back and remember what counts and who counts and be thankful for all you have.


“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” William Arthur Ward

  • I love my little family. Chris, Baby Lewis and Monty the cat always make me smile.

         Baby Lewis turned 5 Months Old this week... WOW time flies... 

  • My mum is my rock. She's always been there for me and she's my best friend. I can't wait to see her soon when we visit the UK. She celebrated her Birthday this week. We sent her cards and pressies but I can't wait to go and have a good English Carvery Dinner with her in a couple of weeks time. 

  • I'm so thankful and grateful always and love each and everyone of you's. Thanks for  supporting my YouTube Channel. Thank you for subscribing and Thank you for watching.

  • I love the fact that I've managed to have a little read of Lucky Bitch  again whilst I've been laid up in bed with my bad back. Reading Denise's book and catching up on her blog posts have done me the world of good.

  • Being the stationary lover that I am I am super excited that the BRAND NEW Erin Condren Life Planners are available now to buy. I've used this paper based planner system for the last two years and I can tell you now it's worth every penny. This year they have even more sparkly options... this makes my heart happy :) 

  • Whilst I've been relaxing getting better I've also managed to put a wish list together of all the lovely clothes that I want from YOURS So many pretty bright colours... definitely have a little look if you're size 14+ there's some great items.

  • FINALLY I love the fact that I can now share with you the release date of my latest dance track... follow me on social media to be the first to hear the new song from me and a rather talented DJ... out on 29th June 2015 

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Why I'm a Crown and Glory Mummy!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook you'll have seen plenty of photos of me with sparkly bows in my hair and pretty floral headbands. These are all from Crown and Glory a UK based independent online store run by a lady called Sophie King...
(Photo thanks to Sophie King - Copyright Sophie King)
I've followed Crown and Glory for a long while after finding out about the online store from Kat Williams of Rock N Roll Bride who in turn I found out about when I got married... yeah we wanted to be a little different.... 

(Clare & Chris Wedding - Copyright Clare Elise Sparkles)

Anyway back to why I'm a Crown And Glory Mummy...

Early in 2014 I found out that I was pregnant with Baby Lewis after being told not so long before hand that I might never get pregnant because I have PCOS. 
I totally remember the moment that the pregnancy test turned positive. Chris and I stood there staring at it for a few moments and then started to go through a whole array of emotions before hugging each other so tight and smiling our heads off.

(Chloe Lodge Photography)

As we started counting down to the birth of Baby Lewis we started to get organised and by that I mean we spent most of our days either online buying Baby things or shopping in Baby Shop for everything. Believe me it's very easy to spend all your money on baby stuff it's just so cute! 
However I decided that there and then I wanted to invest in something that would make me feel good coz I knew that as I got heavier and heavier I'd feel maybe a little less vibrant and of course in the first few months of motherhood with the lack of sleep I figured that I may feel a little less sparklier than normal. 
So this was when I decided to invest in the Crown and Glory Glitterati Box Subscription. Here's the deal... you subscribe to the box subscription service on Crown and Glory's website and then each month you get sent a selection of gorgeous Crown and Glory goodies in a little brown box sealed with sparkly tape.

Subscribing to the Glitterati Box subscription by Crown and Glory has really helped keep me feeling sparkly and bright even on the mornings where I've felt half awake and been reaching for an extra large latte as a new mum. There really is something about putting on that sparkly headband  or clipping into your hair a little flower or bow, it always puts a smile on my face and brightens up my day. 
This is why I'm a Crown and Glory Mummy and I'm so happy that I am.

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