Let's talk about HYGGE!

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

I love Autumn.

(Clare Elise & Lewis)

I mean, I really LOVE AUTUMN -  it's my favourite time of year. I love the colour of the leaves and the crisp sound they make as you walk over them; being warm and snug in a big jumper and scarf and walking on a cool evening with a cup of coffee in my hand. Bliss!

A couple of weeks ago I saw a book online called "The Little Book Of Hygge" by Meik Wiking. For me, this was a must read. It's a book all about the Danish Way of Living. Did you know that the Danes are said to be the happiest people in the world? 

(Reading The Little Book Of Hygge)

The author, Meik Wiking, is the CEO of The Happiness Research Insitute in Copenhagen. 
Here's his YouTube video chatting about Happiness Research... 

There are plenty of books about HYGGE as it seems to be a hot topic right now, however, I decided to give this book a read as this is the one that really stood out to me.

(photo by Clare Elise)

Hygge pronounced hue-gah, hooga or Hhyooguh, in a nutshell, is all about creating a comfortable, snug and calm environment, which I guess makes you feel happy and content! It's also all about quality time with friends and family and about building and growing those important relationships and disconnecting from social media and being present in the moment.

Last Friday was all about exploring Hygge for us as a family. We decided to jump in feet first and to try out pretty much everything that I had read about in "The Little Book Of Hygge".

Chris got home from work at around 3pm and that's when our afternoon / evening began. It was a cool Autumn day so we wrapped ourselves up in warm, snug, comfortable clothing and headed out to our favourite spot to chill - a place called Arundel. 

(Family photo Chris, Clare Elise & Lewis)

It was time to explore HYGGE! 

(Outside Grounds Coffee House in Arundel)

The first thing to do was to detach ourselves from our phones so as soon as we arrived in Arundel we made a decision to pop them away in our pockets and leave them there. We then walked to Grounds Coffee House, Arundel to grab some coffee and cake and to enjoy some quality time together. I treated myself to carrot cake and coffee and Chris enjoyed a piece of lemon cake along with a cup of tea. Lewis wasn't left out of the either as he happily munched away on biscuits and soy milk whilst we chatted.

(Clare Elise enjoying coffee at Grounds Coffee House in Arundel)

I'm not going to lie, it felt really good to be present in the moment. Chris and I are both guilty of letting our phones rule our lives and often when we sit having coffee either one or both of us will be on our phones at some point either replying to emails or updating social media. It was great just to chat about our day and plans for the weekend and fab to have quality time with Lewis. The cafe was really homely and snug which created the perfect environment for our special family time.

Hygge is also about wrapping up warm and experiencing the outdoors. 

So we did just that and went off exploring and to the park...

We really enjoyed our time in Arundel together as we spent hours out and about walking together, chatting, exploring and the fun bit for Lewis was playing in the park and collecting twigs! 

In the evening we made our home more comfortable. I lit lots of candles; brought chocolate spiders and popcorn and we snuggled on the sofa to watch a film.

(Popcorn and treats)

What did I think about the book and Hygge?

I feel the book is a positive read and would create positive change to anyone's life. Spending quality time with family and friends and creating comfortable and cosy surroundings at home, really help you to relax and unwind. The book is easy to read and a handy one to have on the bookcase. All in all, I really enjoyed reading it, I really enjoyed putting things in the book into practice and I feel that it's added even more sparkle to our family life.

(Love sign and lights) 

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It's hard losing weight when you are a Mummy because...

Monday, 19 September 2016

It is so hard losing weight when you're a mummy ain't it!

(Lewis and Clare Elise)

It soon all becomes about coffee and cake with other mum's and then when your Little One starts eating solids you end up tasting his / her food to check it tastes ok, and then when your Little One starts eating things like toast or sandwiches it's so easy to just to nibble on those cut off crusts isn't it? 


Back in May 2016, I wrote about how I was losing weight thanks to Weight Watchers, you can have a read here. I started on my weight loss after baby journey back in November 2015 just before my Birthday. (Crazy I know!)

My weight loss was going great. I went to my weekly Weight Watchers Meeting and inputted every little thing I ate into my APP. Then things went downhill and I shall share why! 

We moved house again... The first meeting that I went along to really suited me. The time of the day that the meeting was held was great, and it quickly became part of my weekly routine and I guess it also helped that I got on well with the Leader. I liked her as she really inspired me and always gave me support week in, week out. 

When we moved house I of course moved meetings. The new leader was lovely HOWEVER, the meeting just didn't suit me. It was on at an earlier time in the o day therefore, it messed with my afternoon schedule with Lewis and it meant that I couldn't stay for the weekly meeting. Therefore I never got any benefit from going along other than a quick weigh in. By the end of June, I had lost all motivation and care for Weight Watchers as I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I left the meeting and went on my merry way. In July I started doing some part time work to get me out and about again, this has been fab and really great for building my confidence again after baby. However, this added workload has meant that sometimes I've been left feeling really tired and therefore reaching for coffee and sugar as a pick me up which isn't good at all!


A couple of weeks ago I stepped onto my old bathroom scales and weighed myself for the first time in weeks. What I saw made me feel very unhappy with myself as I've put weight back on. This really was a kick up the butt, and since then I've started to put things back into place to help me get to the weight that I want to be. I'm back feeling even more focused and determined!

SO... Here's the deal...

(Beets BLU Scales)

1. Beets BLU

I've got a new set of scales. It was definitely time to upgrade! I got my new set of scales from Amazon. They're by Beets Blu and are pretty nifty. They cleverly link up to an APP on your phone so that you can keep a track of your weight loss journey and monitor everything from body fat to hydration and with this APP you can clearly see your progress. I've only recently started to use these scales. HOWEVER... when I check in with you again soon sharing about my weight loss journey I'll make sure that I share more regards my experience with these smart scales. If you want to find out more check them out here


If you follow my Vlog you'll know that my FITBIT has been my best friend for years now. It helped me to lose weight before having Lewis and it's helped me to lose weight after having him. I love monitoring how active I am in the day on my FITBIT and have found that it really motivates me to get active. I've also hooked my phone up to two great APPS that you can use to earn points and get vouchers just by walking, these APPS are Bounts and Earthmiles. Check them out as they are pretty cool. ALSO... I think that I'll also join StepBet as that looks pretty cool. From what I understand you simply place a bet normally around $30 into the pot. The APP works out from your current FITBIT stats how many steps you should do a day and what you need to do to push yourself that bit more. If you then reach your step goals throughout the month you get winnings from the pot. I need to explore this APP some more but I think it seems a pretty cool idea. Dont you?

3. Weight Watchers

I've not totally fallen out of love with Weight Watchers and I've decided to use the APP to monitor my food throughout the day. This should help me to get a hold of my eating habits again.

4. Treat Myself

I've decided that I'm going to Treat Myself. I'm going to treat myself to some new clothes once I hit my Weight Loss Goal! This again will motivate me as I've not bought any new clothing for a long, long time! 

You can Follow My Weightloss Journey on here and on my Instagram

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The 2017 Desire Map Collection Launches... Thank you Danielle LaPorte

Thursday, 1 September 2016

I'm proper excited about this... As you know I LOVE PLANNERS!

I adore paper planners, don't get me wrong computers are great but sometimes it's just nice to sit on the sofa with a Planner on your knee and a pen in your hand and make notes and plan the week/month ahead. Don't you think?

I'm happy right now because as of today the 2017 Desire Map Planner Collection is available to purchase! It’s a really different, yet fabulous way to plan your day because it puts your soul on the agenda.
(Photo thanks to Danielle LaPorte)

The 2017 Desire Map Planner is so cool as it helps you puts your desires on the map, and helps you plan your days and weeks according to how you most want to feel so it's a little different to other planners out there on the market.

This planner is based around the popular book and workbook by Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map, this planner system incorporates your soul and your to-do list; your gratitude and your goals; your deepest desires with your day-to-day.

The 2017 planner comes with two versions, the Daily and Weekly edition, for any type of planner person:

(Photo thanks to Danielle LaPorte)

The DAILY planner is fab for the highly scheduled, detailed thinkers, and awesome A-types who love keeping track of all the big and little things. This planner takes you through the year day by day, with unique soul prompts to limber up your mind before you write, scheduling space, #Truthbombs, a Stop Doing list (because saying no is revolutionary) and a super condensed list called 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done.
(Photo thanks to Danielle LaPorte)

The WEEKLY planner is for the big dreamers, Creatives, and entrepreneurs — the planner-types who want a bird’s eye view of their week. Sprinkled with prompts for positive declarations and #Truthbombs, the weekly spread also has space for your Core Desired Feelings, daily to-do’s, and a list of 3 Things so you can get your most important to-dos done. This planner also has an End of Week Check-in with unique Soul Prompts from Danielle and space for reflecting on life as you move through it week by week.

When you’re clear on how you want to feel, decisions come to you more easily, you’ll know when to say “No” and when to say “Hell, YES!” I blooming love this planner as it really helps you to focus on how you want to feel and where you want to be in life!

You can buy yours today and start planning the life you’ve always wanted.


(Photo thanks to Danielle LaPorte)

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Sparkly Sunday: Bags

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Let's talk BAGS shall we and not the type of bags that sit under your eyes most of the time if you're a Mummy! 
Nope, I wanna talk about handbags, shoulder bags, and funky bags.

It's been a little while since I posted a Sparkly Sunday... However, it's Good News, as I'm hoping to get slowly back up to speed and bring you a lot more Sparkly Sunday Posts, So keep an eye out on the blog Oh, and make sure you check back on the 31st August 2016 as I've got something quite exciting to share with you...


(photo thanks to Sprayground)

OMG! As soon as I spotted these bags I fell in love. Sprayground is popular with Celebs and Fashionista's all over the World and now their super funky bags are available to buy here in the UK. This little beauty is Kitten Money and is priced at just £45.60.

(Photo thanks to Simply Be) 
I'm really loving this colourful floral bag it's perfect for now or to add a pop of colour to any outfit in the Autumn months ahead. The bag is a total bargain at the moment as it's in the sale for just £15.00!

3. Bright Sequin Unicorn Bag
(Photo thanks to Claires.co.uk)

This cool little quirky bag is in Claire's sale right now so I'm guessing once it's gone it's gone. However, I thought I would share this super funky sparkly bag as it's priced at just£7.00.

(Photo thanks to Rock My Vintage)
I love this. If you teamed this bag up with a Little Black Dress over the Winter months it would definitely add a little bit of sunshine to your day for sure and it would brighten up your outfit. It also only costs £10.00.

(Photo thanks to Simply Be)
I think this would make the perfect everyday bag. It adds a splash of colour to any outfit and it helps us to get away from the bog standard black everyday bag for work. It costs 


I hope you've enjoyed this week's Sparkly Sunday. Let me know which bag's your favourite! 

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