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Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Just to update you all on the below post. Thanks to all you wonderful people. Jeff's fundraising money has been raised 65,000 GBP in 3 DAYS! Thank you all from the bottom of mine and Chris' heart, you've helped to get the much need treatment for our friend Jeff.
Jeff's sisters recorded this video... 

Every day people walk into your life and out of your life. Some friendships are silver others are gold. Some friends stay by your side no matter what and some friendships drift apart. That's life! 
However, this my friends is a story of a precious Gold Friendship! 

In 2011, Chris & I were newbies in a country that we'd never even visited before. Yup, we had moved to Dubai to live. We had discussed it over and over and decided we could give living in Dubai a year! It was 4 nearly 5 years later that we returned home.

(Clare Elise & Chris in Dubai)

I remember Chris coming home from his new radio job in Dubai and sharing with me about his day and the people who he'd met at work and during this conversation he spoke fondly about a bloke called Jeff who seemed like a pretty decent guy from what was said! 

(Jason King, Jeff Price, Chris Birks)

It wasn't long until I met Jeff and his lovely wife Cynthia. I remember we were at a Birthday Party in a hotel in the centre of Dubai and it was a rather humid and hot night, however, we all braved sitting outside and before long Cynthia and I were chatting away and saying how lovely it would be to meet up again soon.

(Cynthia - Jeff's Wife & Clare Elise)

Let's just say the rest is history! Jeff kinda took Chris under his wing at work in those first months and along with others in the team became a great friend to Chris over the years and before long Jeff and Cynthia, Chris and I were meeting up for a catch up over coffee or enjoying a meal out here and there.

As our friendship developed we grew even closer and Maddy, Jeff's daughter became like a little sister to me and I guess I took her under my wing. Soon she was at our apartment baking Rainbow Cupcakes in the afternoon and chatting to us about school and swimming and everything else. 

(Maddy - Jeff's Daugther and Clare Elise)

Jeff, Cynthia and Maddy were a very big part of some very special occasions in the life of Chris and I and when Cynthia gave birth to CJ. Chris and I stood firmly by their side to give them all the support that we could.

(CJ - photo thanks to Cynthia)

When you're living in Dubai as an expat, friends and by that I mean REAL FRIENDS become your family. Your Mum, Dad, Grandma & Grandad are at least a 7 hour flight away and I think that this is what makes Dubai friendships a close friendship. Your friends are the closest people to you and the ones you rely on in the good times and the tough times! 

(Friends in Dubai)

It's fair to say that Jeff, Cynthia, Maddy and CJ are part of our official Dubai Family and that we love them dearly.

So why am I sharing all this?

Well, if you follow me on social media you'll have noticed I've been constantly sharing a post for fundraising. You'll know that I don't normally ever do that however in this case I have shared across all my social media simply because it's an urgent situation affecting part of our Dubai Family! 

Jeff Price was diagnosed with a rare brain condition a little while back. He's already had operations to try to help sort out the problem, However, something isn't quite working right and the consultant he see's has told him that he needs more treatment / surgery to help get him to be 100%! 
(Jeff Price in hospital - Photo thanks to Cynthia)

Now here's where the problem lies... 

Jeff has health insurance (which you need out in Dubai as you have to pay for treatment) however his insurance won't cover any of this treatment or operations and so far he's had to rely on savings and family donations to get the care and help that's been needed..

Here's where they're at now...

The money's run out... and URGENT life-saving surgery and treatment is needed to help Jeff to get better. The cost of this treatment is 300,000 AED which is basically 65,000 GBP!

Jeff Price is a caring, kind, family man who's done do much for so many over the years in Dubai and who's supported and cared for others in need. He's done so much also for the Dubai Media Industry and has even set up and been running the first ever children's radio station in Dubai.
(The original line up at Pearl)

If you can please donate, however if you're not able donate right now please share this post and let's get Jeff the treatment he so desperately needs.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Sparkly Ones xxx 

CLICK HERE >>>>>>>


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Remember Date Nights? JUST US BOX

Monday, 11 July 2016

This is not just another box subscription thing...

(Photo thanks to JUSTUSBOX)

I know, I know box subscriptions are big news. I've been subscribed to many. My favourite so far being Glambox in Dubai and Crown and Glory's Glitterati Box. HOWEVER, there's a new kid on the block in the box subscription world and this time it's not full of girlie fabulousness! NOPE, this subscription box is for couples. Yup, you read that right it's a box for couples... Oh and no it's not like that either... we're not talking 50 Shades Of Grey here we are talking about good old fashion DATE NIGHTS! 

When Chris and I first got together we went on so many dates. We both had a love of films so we would pretty much every week pop along to the cinema. We also love music so whilst living in Nottingham we would be regulars at Rock City or the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall and watch this gig and that gig just because we could.  However since having Lewis going out on dates hasn't really been a thing. Simply because when you have a little one they become the centre of your Universe and that's that.
Don't get me wrong, though. We have plenty of family outings, which you'll see from the Vlog / Instagram and Chris and I make sure that each week we have date nights at home. But sometimes let's be honest you crave the quirkiness and the fun that random date nights can bring.

That is why JUST US BOX really appeals to me.

JUST US BOX are a brand new company set up by two lovely mums who know just how important old skool date nights are. 

So how does this JUST US BOX thing work then?

Well, all you need to do is head on over to the pretty, sparkly new website that's just gone live. There you can subscribe to a monthly box subscription or if not you can just have a one off box to try. The idea behind JUST US BOX is to basically provide you as a couple with a fab quirky date night idea and all the ingredients to make that fun quirky date night happen! Cool huh?!

When I found out about JUST US BOX I totally fell in love with the whole super cool idea and I'm excited to announce that I'm gonna be working hand in hand with JUSTUSBOX over the next few weeks sharing more details of up and coming boxes and doing reviews so watch this space! 

If you want to get 10% of your first box click on JUST US BOX now and type in Date10 when you get there...

(This post in partnership with JUST US BOX)

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Sparkly Sunday: Money Saving Codes & Apps

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hi there lovelies,

As you know I'm a bit of a money saving queen. 

This week I thought I'd share with you some money off codes and apps which have saved me quite a bit of cash!  


I blooming love this app! Its awesome. All you have to do is download it from the app store for your phone, then create an account. Once you're on there you will see a handful of different products from hair dye to Nutella which are on offer. Simply click on the product you wanna get, scan the barcode of the product and then take a picture of the receipt and then Shopmium will refund either the full price or 50% back or whatever the offer is to your Paypal or Bank Account! FAB HUH!  Last month using this app and others I managed to get 10 free items of food and got over twenty pounds in cashback! 

Use my code: KHYHFYGR and you'll be able to claim back a free Green & Blacks Chocolate bar straight away! 


Pact coffee are a coffee subscription service that deliver free bags of coffee to your door whenever you want. You can choose as and when your coffee gets delivered and you can chose how your coffee comes. I signed up to try the coffee out and I was super impressed therefore have decided to keep my subscription active. 
If you fancy getting £5.95 off your first order use my code CLARE-0CA932


I'm guessing you've probably seen the TV adverts for this recently. However, I figured I would add it in this post just in case you had missed it. 
Top Cashback is a fab way to get cash back for shopping online but also in-store. All you have to do is click on this link and then register an account. Once registered search out the store that you are looking to buy from on Top cashback and then click on the link to the website.  Top Cashback will then register that you've gone to that website via their website and then will reward you with cash back into your Top Cashback account. Clever hey! 


I love snacking and healthy snacks have been really important to me during my baby weight loss. I subscribed to Graze so that I could try out some new and exciting snacks and I have to say I have not been disappointed. Every box that's been delivered to our door has been filled with a real choice of tasty snackaroonies! Again I've got a code for you... if you subscribe and use my code DLZZQP52P  you will get your 1st, 5th and 10th box free!


I've gone on about how awesome Quidco before... it's pretty similar to Top Cashback as in you make an account and the search out the online store that you want to buy from and click on the link to track your cashback when you buy something! Also though Quidco has a cool app for your phone called ClickSnap which can be downloaded from your app store. It's a way to again buy items in a store and claim back cash. Sorted! 

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Lewis Starts walking

Monday, 4 July 2016

I wouldn't say it was something I was worried about however I was starting to wonder when Lewis would be brave and start to walk! 

Just before his First Birthday and just after his Christmas party. Lewis finally decided he wanted to crawl. For weeks, he rolled from side to side and rolled to wherever he wanted to be, however crawling just didn't seem to be his thing. Then after being surrounded by little ones at his Christmas Party we returned home, put Lewis on the floor to play and shortly afterwards we both turned around and saw a little crawling babe heading our way! MEGA EXCITEMENT! 

Since April time, Lewis has been wanting to walk. He's been trying really hard to get from here to there but I think his confidence stopped him. At the beginning of May we went to visit family and during that weekend he tried a couple of times to take a step or two alone however a couple of steps was the maximum he would do.

The real turning point was in the middle of May. Lewis was playing with some little friends at one of the groups that we go to and he started to get really frustrated. Both of his little friends could walk and Lewis would stand, however, would have to crawl to be able to follow them around. As a Mum I felt really frustrated for him and over the next week did my best to try and build his confidence up even more... 

I remember everyone saying to me... Don't worry one day he will just get up and walk. This is too true. 22nd May 2016 Lewis decided to take his first proper steps around the house. I'll never forget that moment. As soon as he'd taken those steps I scooped him up in my arms and hugged and kissed him, my heart was filled with joy and my eyes filled with tears. It was most definitely a proud mum moment.

It's now over a month since Lewis took those first few steps and all I can say is there is definitely no stopping him now... 

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