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Thursday, 28 June 2018

I'm back on my blog "HOORAY"!

I know, it's been blooming ages since I blogged, but hey you know what my life's like. I'm a busy bee being mum and doing work stuff in radioland.

Anyway, let's get straight to the point. I've jumped online today to share with you a little bit of beauty.
After all, I've got a love for all things beauty as you well know, and I very much intend on starting to share that with you again!

This week, however, I wanted to share with you some PALMER'S products.

PALMER'S products have always been in my life but with more and more products to choose from in the supermarkets and with the excitement of trying out new things I must admit that I forgot a little about Palmer's products for a while.

I revisited Palmer's products again maybe a year or so ago after struggling to find anything that would suit my toddler's skin. We struggled quite a lot with dry skin when we lived down South in the UK. I think it was something to do with the water.

Anyway, cutting a long story short I invested in all the Palmer's body products for little one and realised again just how awesome these back to basics products are. I say "back to basics" in the nicest possible way as it's actually nice to see products that don't have a million and one random ingredients bunged in there and Palmer's products are free from Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, Gluten, Sulfates or Dyes which is pretty darn cool in this day and age.

I was over the moon when Palmer's sent my way a couple of bottles of product to try out.

They sent my way these:

Personally, I love using Palmer's Coco Butter Formula on my body when it's Winter time or when my skin's super dry. I've also found it super helpful if you end up getting a little sunburnt by accident as it really helps to sooth the skin and stop that horrible peeling. This is also the cream that I use on my little un's skin before bed as he loves the smell and it's really nourishing to use after bathtime.

Palmer's Raw Shea Formula is great for every day. I use this now in the Morning quickly after my shower. It's perfect for the Summer as it gives just enough hydration to the skin but is lightweight and it absorbs into the skin super fast which is great for me as a working mum who has little time in the Morning and helpful in this hot weather as you're not left feeling sticky!

Being totally honest though the reason why I'm a fan of the brand and the products. Is the smell! All their products just smell amazing...

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The Children's Place in Oman

Monday, 18 December 2017

Little Un is growing so fast right now... 
I guess I must be feeding him well as he seems to be getting taller and taller and taller!

I went through his drawers to choose an outfit for nursery the other morning and pretty quickly realised that he's already growing out of his 2 to 3-year-old outfits.

Toddler clothes shopping trip ahead! 

I'm pretty lucky as the radio station that I work at is based in a shopping mall so grabbing clothes shopping or food shopping is pretty easy as most things are in the mall.

Last Thursday evening after work we all headed to "The Children's Place" in Muscat Grand Mall. As soon as I walked into the store I knew that I'd find exactly what I was looking for clothing wise for our Little Un because I was greeted with bright prints and funky children's clothing on every hanger throughout the store! 

I was also greeted by friendly cheerful staff who were more than happy to help on my arrival into the store!


So off I went to the back of the shop, it was there that I started to look through piles of awesome t-shirts, smart trousers and lightweight knitwear. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the price of each item (they aren't too expensive!) also the quality of the clothing is really great.

Here's one of my outfit choices...


Outfit choice Number 1...

(Copyright Clare Elise

These trousers are a charcoal grey and are perfect for every day as they wash and wear so well and they are lovely and lightweight. The other thing about these trousers that I liked was the fact that they have clever little loops and buttons at the sides inside the waistline so you can adjust to fit your toddler's waist! 

Little Un is nearly 3 but quite tall for his age... I bought size 3 in these trousers however, I think I would have probably been better investing in size 4 in the trousers as I feel he'll soon be growing out of them! 

The top that he's wearing in this photo is a size 4 (age wise) Little Un is 2 nearly 3. It is slightly big on the sleeves but having a little room to grow means that we'll get plenty of wear out of this awesome top. Little Un chose this himself as he LOVES trucks and cars... 
I really like it too as it's red and also the print is printed on using a really great silver metallic effect. This I feel adds a little bit of difference when compared to other run of the mill children's t-shirts. 

Outfit choice number 2...

I love his cheeky face in this photo!

Again we've got the same charcoal grey trousers on as before (I did also buy a similar navy blue pair). I've teamed this up with a "Mama's Boy" T-shirt! I just really adore this look on Little Un. I of course like the slogan on the front of the t-shirt but I also like this casual, rocky look on him.

The Children's Place does a fab range of funky print t-shirts... I was spoilt for choice... 

I did, however, get this one as well... 

Believe it or not, it can get a little chilly out here in Oman during the Winter months. 
Finding the right knitwear for your toddler can be a little tricky. 
Over the last month or so I've found some lovely knitwear, however, it's either been a little too thick or some of the others have been just way to flimsy and thin. I, however, found this GORGEOUS jumper with a fleecy neckline at The Children's Place and I just love it so much. It's perfect!

The Children's Place really does have everything for your little ones, from baby clothing to toddler +.

My final purchase on this shopping trip...

... super bright Pj's.

How gorgeous are they? Little Un proper likes them! 
He actually put them into the shopping bag himself when we were in store!!! 

The Children's Place really does have so many bright awesome bits and pieces of clothing. It was really hard to choose what to buy... I wanted it all! 

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Just For Tummies by Linda Booth

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

I know, I know you've been sat there looking at the blog wondering when I might actually write something again! 

Apologies. As you can imagine, moving house, moving country and getting settled into a new job has been pretty crazy. 
It's now, 2 months on and I'm finally able to sit down and write on here again! Hurrah! 

My first post back is about "Just For Tummies". Now, this may not sound all too exciting however it really is worth having a little read, so stay with me.

Question 1: Do you take a daily vitamin supplement? You do, Great! But do you take it every day?
Question 2: Do you take a probiotic every day? No... Then why not?

When we moved to Dubai, all those years ago. I found out pretty quickly that I benefited healthwise by taking a daily probiotic. I don't know what it was about Dubai but when we lived there I just tended to pick up every single bug going and was often quite poorly. 

In 2014 I became pregnant with Little Un and I continued taking a probiotic every single day. There are mixed views on whether you should take probiotics when pregnant. 
Personally, I found that it really helped me and it also helped to keep tummy bugs at bay! 

When I moved back to the UK I continued to take a probiotic. However, maybe not as regularly as I had before. I sure as heck noticed a difference in my health when not taking a probiotic as I felt bloated at times and I felt sluggish in myself. 

When the email dropped into our inbox saying "How would you like to move to Oman?" I decided that it was time to do some research again regards probiotics and health as I didn't want to get poorly when I moved back to the Middle East as I knew that I'd be jumping straight into my new job at HiFM. After doing some research I came across "Just for Tummies" They do this AWESOME set of goodies for your tummy in a special Travel Set.

If you ask me the Travel Survival Kit is a MUST HAVE for anyone who's travelling a lot with work or for anyone off on holiday abroad anytime soon. Let's be honest it's pretty much always guaranteed that when you travel with work you get asked out for meals or maybe whilst you're away you treat yourself to meals in the restaurant because it's at the companies expense. It's the same too when we go on holiday, we look at the menu and think why not and treat ourselves! Therefore this often means lots of heavy meals such as Steak with creamy mash potato or big portions of curry etc. the Travel Survival Kit from Just for Tummies has thought about everything you may need whilst away from home. 
The Digestive Enzymes tablets help your tummy digest heavy meals and deal with the richer food that you might be consuming whilst away. You just take these ahead of your meal and the clever little tablets help beat the bloat. 

Also in the Travel Survival Kit are Live Bacteria Tablets. These are a must and must be taken daily as they'll help your tummy stay strong when you're maybe eating lots of different food types or if you drink different water.

Now you may look at the kit and think why the heck is there a pack of GARLIC TABLETS in there. Well let me tell you Garlic is natures antibiotic and it helps keep bugs are bay and as well as keeping your tummy in check it helps the body to fight off colds. So Garlic Tablets are a must if you're travelling.

Finally introducing the Tummy Tea. 
This is my favourite product in the kit. It's the most calming and soothing cuppa ever. If you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I'm a MASSIVE tea fan. This tea is just perfect if you feel like you've overindulged the night before or if you feel that your tummy needs a little bit of TLC. It's a hug in a mug and super soothing and comforting if you ask me.

So what do I think to the TRAVEL SURVIVAL KIT?

I genuinely love this kit. I've been taking a Live Bacteria Tablet every day and I've taken the Digestive Enzyme tablets when eating heavy meals like curries out here in Oman and I feel that these tablets have really helped to keep bugs at bay and helped me beat the bloat. I'm super impressed. Also the lady behind the brand the lovely Linda Booth really is a lady in the know. If you suffer from IBS, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or just need advice on the digestive system get in touch with her and definitely check out her website and blog as there's lots of helpful advice on there. 
A lot of peeps who read my random blog posts live in sunny Nottinghamshire. (My hometown.) The good news is that Linda Booth and her clinic are in Nottingham so if you wanna find out more get in touch and if you live a little further afield you can order any of her products online. 

My next mission... to find out if I can get these tablets shipped to Oman! 

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Cleaning the carpets with Rug Doctor...

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Time moves really fast, doesn't it?

It's nearly two years ago since we moved back to the UK from Dubai and here we are packing up everything yet again and moving all our life to Oman.

It's amazing how much stuff there is to do before a move. Especially a big move like this. Let's be honest moving house is stressful, moving country is a whole different ball game! 

I was sat going through paperwork the other day and started to read through our tenancy contract. There it was in the small print. Carpets must be cleaned at the end of the tenancy. This I believe is in our contract because we have Monty the cat. 

I'm not gonna lie, when I read this I started to stress just a little. I mean carpet cleaning isn't really a skill of mine. I started looking into companies and realised pretty quickly that this whole carpet cleaning thing can get quite expensive and, to be honest with you the thought of having extra people in the house under my feet whilst trying to sort things wasn't all that appealing.
Then I remembered many moons ago that my mum hired a carpet cleaner from a company that she found in the "Yellow Pages". I decided to do a search using Google... NOT THE YELLOW PAGES! 

I soon found a company called RUG DOCTOR. I had a little read through the web pages and then decided to click on the page which said rental prices. I held my breath as I clicked on the link as I expected to be greeted with a list of really high prices yet again. However, this was not the case I was grinning from ear to ear pretty quick as I read down the page.

£28.99 for 48 hr rental... I mean how good is that! Also, the best this is that you can actually pick it up at local supermarkets or stores. 

So how does it work?

Well, this HOW TO CLEAN MY CARPETS page will tell you in detail how to use the Rug Doctor. Also, this video was so super helpful when it came to working out how to use the Rug Doctor.

Was the Rug Doctor easy to use and did it do its job?

Yes, yes and yes! I'm well impressed with the Rug Doctor and I would definitely hire one again.
At first, it felt weird using it and it took me ages just to do one little square of carpet. However, after a while, I became a pro and found myself scooting around from room to room.

The carpets were left super clean and the house definitely smelt really fresh on our departure.... it made me not want to leave. :)

I'm really happy that we used the Rug Doctor as it fitted around our moving house schedule beautifully and also fitted around looking after our two-year-old boy as it meant that I could stop now and the and go and play or change a nappy etc. and then come back to the carpet cleaning as and when.

See how we got on and have a giggle watching our video below... and thanks, Rug Doctor for helping us out with our big move to Oman! We love ya! x 

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