Sparkly Sunday a Sparkly Christmas

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Hi there lovelies,

So here we are then... the LAST SUNDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS.... 
How fast has this year gone?
I cannot believe that there's only 10 days now till my expected due date... 

Anyway, I thought I would make today's Sparkly Sunday, Super Sparkly and Super Christmassy! 


1. ASDA - Jingle Bell Christmas Jumper

You can't beat a good Christmas Jumper can you! I miss having ASDA just around the corner... George ASDA has some fab clothing for bargain prices in the UK. I wanted to share this jumper with you because its pretty cute plus 6% from the sale goes to Save The Children... Definitely click on the link and check it out if you're in the UK.

2. Hello Camellia 

(photo with thanks to Hello Camellia on Esty)

How funky and bright is this Retro Deer Christmas Pillow Cover? I seriously love this... if you wanna grab it for yourself you better be quick though as there is only one priced at $24.00.

3. Geraldine Mcqueen - Once Upon A Christmas Song

I know this Christmas tune was done for fun and has been out a few years now... However I still love it! 

4. My Mini Munchies

(photo thanks to My Mini Munchies on Etsy)
Seriously how cute are they Christmas earrings. I love em and think they would go perfect with my hair! ;) 

5. Our Pregnancy Vlog - Christmas In Dubai

Chris & I get asked quite often what it's like having Christmas in Dubai. In this weeks vlog you'll get to see as we explore the Christmas markets and festivals around town... 

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Baby Bump Update Week 37

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Hi there lovelies,
It's Week 37 already.... . 

I cannot believe we are at Week 37 now... its amazing to think little one will be here soon and as of now I'm classed as full term! 
This weeks been a busy old week... we've done lots... Definitely watch this weeks vlog as you'll see plenty of Christmas stuff happening this week here in the desert! 
(watch the video by clicking on the picture below)

How far along?

37 Weeks going into 38 Weeks 

Maternity clothes?

I've just got some more little bits from Heavenly Bump ... watch this space as I'll do a post all about them soon! 

Stretch marks?

I now have plenty of stretch marks... I'm gonna be investing in some even stronger lotions and potions to help fade them I thinks! 

Sleeps been ok this week. I had a couple of uncomfortable nights but nothing to bad. I'm still using my maternity pillow which is coming in handy.

Best moment this week:

Has to be doing all the Christmassy stuff here in Dubai. Its sometimes hard to feel festive in the sunshine however making gingerbread men and walking around with fake snow falling on your head... yeah it's kinda cool.

Anything making you queasy or sick?

I'm getting a little indigestion now as we're so close to having little un. However nothing to bad.... Rennie's are now my new best friend lol :) 


Check out our YouTube video to find out if its a boy or a girl!!!!!


Nothing really except that I'm feeling a little heavier now that he's dropped lower and I've got a little acid indigestion. But to be honest still feeling great!   

Happy or moody most of the time:

Still smiling :) 

Looking forward to:

Seeing my mum next week as she arrives here in Dubai!!!! I'm so excited... oh and Christmas also ;) 

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The Body Shop Charity Campaign: War Child

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hi there lovelies,

Every year "The Body Shop" teams up with a charity at Christmas to help make a difference.

This year they have joined up with "War Child". 

I went along to their store here in Deira and chatted with Marjjory and found out more about how The Body Shop is helping War Child.

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Tuesday Tunes!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Hi there lovelies,

Ok so this is gonna be a little bit different.
Normally on Tuesday Tunes I share a selection of tunes from around the world that have grabbed my ears.... however today I want to take this opportunity to share with you the "GOODBYE" remixes.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter you'll have seen me share the below image.... 

Goodbye - Martin Eriksson ft. Clare Elise (Original mix) has done really big things which we are all really proud of. It stayed in the TOP 10 WORLDWIDE CHART - Deejayworx for 2 months alongside the likes of David Guetta, Calvin Harris and other big names in the dance music scene.

Because of this success Southside Recordings have decided to release a remix package containing 3 HUGE REMIXES... if you don't believe me listen below now... 

I'm personally incredibly proud of this track and have loved every moment of working alongside Martin Eriksson as he's a really talented fella! 

The remix package will be out EXCLUSIVELY on BEATPORT on the 15th December 2014...

PLEASE share the above, download and support.... 

The remix package will be out in January 2015 for you to buy from Itunes, Amazon etc. 

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