Cleaning the carpets with Rug Doctor...

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Time moves really fast, doesn't it?

It's nearly two years ago since we moved back to the UK from Dubai and here we are packing up everything yet again and moving all our life to Oman.

It's amazing how much stuff there is to do before a move. Especially a big move like this. Let's be honest moving house is stressful, moving country is a whole different ball game! 

I was sat going through paperwork the other day and started to read through our tenancy contract. There it was in the small print. Carpets must be cleaned at the end of the tenancy. This I believe is in our contract because we have Monty the cat. 

I'm not gonna lie, when I read this I started to stress just a little. I mean carpet cleaning isn't really a skill of mine. I started looking into companies and realised pretty quickly that this whole carpet cleaning thing can get quite expensive and, to be honest with you the thought of having extra people in the house under my feet whilst trying to sort things wasn't all that appealing.
Then I remembered many moons ago that my mum hired a carpet cleaner from a company that she found in the "Yellow Pages". I decided to do a search using Google... NOT THE YELLOW PAGES! 

I soon found a company called RUG DOCTOR. I had a little read through the web pages and then decided to click on the page which said rental prices. I held my breath as I clicked on the link as I expected to be greeted with a list of really high prices yet again. However, this was not the case I was grinning from ear to ear pretty quick as I read down the page.

£28.99 for 48 hr rental... I mean how good is that! Also, the best this is that you can actually pick it up at local supermarkets or stores. 

So how does it work?

Well, this HOW TO CLEAN MY CARPETS page will tell you in detail how to use the Rug Doctor. Also, this video was so super helpful when it came to working out how to use the Rug Doctor.

Was the Rug Doctor easy to use and did it do its job?

Yes, yes and yes! I'm well impressed with the Rug Doctor and I would definitely hire one again.
At first, it felt weird using it and it took me ages just to do one little square of carpet. However, after a while, I became a pro and found myself scooting around from room to room.

The carpets were left super clean and the house definitely smelt really fresh on our departure.... it made me not want to leave. :)

I'm really happy that we used the Rug Doctor as it fitted around our moving house schedule beautifully and also fitted around looking after our two-year-old boy as it meant that I could stop now and the and go and play or change a nappy etc. and then come back to the carpet cleaning as and when.

See how we got on and have a giggle watching our video below... and thanks, Rug Doctor for helping us out with our big move to Oman! We love ya! x 

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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

You may have noticed that the sparkly blog has been a little quiet recently. That's because We've been a tad busy making life choices! 

So let's do a quick recap first shall we! I mean this might be the first time that you've read a post on this sparkly blog of mine.

In 2011. Chris and I jumped on a plane and flew off into the Sunset and built a new life in the Middle East... in Dubai. 

It was all a little mad. We'd never been there before and all I knew about Dubai was from what I had seen on the TV. We loved it out there! However, decided to return to the UK a couple of years ago... read Leaving Dubai for more on that!

We moved back to the UK in 2015 and we've been living near Brighton. We love it here. We have so many lovely friends, we have a lovely little pad, we love the beaches. the parks and the walks. We absolutely love where we live right now and have enjoyed the jobs that we've been doing here on the South Coast. However, I'm a BIG believer in the Universe and when an opportunity arises outta the blue sometimes you've just gotta grab it with both hands.

So here's our news....

You can read the official press release here.

Yup, Chris & I have been offered jobs at Hi FM Radio in Oman. We're really excited to be travelling back out to the Middle East and we're really looking forward to exploring Muscat. We'll be joining Robin Banks and his team. We've known Robin now for many a year and we're both proper excited to be working with such a creative and awesome guy! 

Our little family will be moving real soon... so click follow on our social media to keep up to date...

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Skinny Sprinkles!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

If you follow me on social media you'll have seen many posts about Skinny Sprinkles

I decided to try out Skinny Sprinkles for a whole 7 days straight to see if they would actually help me to lose weight.

As you know I've been battling the baby weight now since Little Un was born. I've done pretty well and have lost most of it. HOWEVER, there is about half a stone still sat on my hips that won't shift! 

I really needed something to help focus me in on my weight loss again because I was finding that I was grabbing a chocolate bar or a sweet coffee maybe a little too often without thinking about the calorie content.

I did a video vlog diary where I checked in on the first day, the third day, fifth day and the seventh day of the week when I tried Skinny Sprinkles.

See how my week went below... 

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Coffee & Cookie Dough!

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

You already know that I'm a coffee fan.

 I blooming LOVE coffee... 

My favourite coffee by far is a latte, a latte with some kinda syrup. I just love it, it's my little treat! The only problem with this is the fact that these latte's contain many calories. Now don't get me wrong in the past I've tried to just have a latte without all the lovely flavoured syrup however, I still always end up putting into the cup a couple of spoons of sugar because I like my coffee to be sweet.

I've been on a bit of a weight loss mission for a while now and I'm desperate to get rid of this last half a stone of weight, baby weight. These sugar filled coffees haven't been helping me with my weight loss, I know this. However, I need a daily caffeine fix. 

It was the 1st January 2017. I decided enough was enough and that it was time to focus on my weight loss again and to really try hard to shift this last bit of weight.
I started to research into the world of coffee and came across Beanies Coffee. I soon discovered that Beanies did all kinds of flavours of coffee but without all the calories.
YIPPY! Flavoured coffee without loads of calories. My day was made. I saw that Beanies Coffee was stocked at Sainsbury's so on my next shopping trip I treated myself to Beanies Amaretto Coffee. OMG, I was blown away... to say that it was instant coffee, without all the calories and not that expensive, it tasted so good. 

I decided to explore the range further and recently got this coffee. Beanies Cookie Dough Coffee! This tastes so fab and I drink it without any sugar. It's great because it's sweet enough without

It was so funny at the weekend. We had the builders at our's doing some work and as ever we asked them if they wanted a cuppa. The builder asked for a cuppa coffee. Chris went to the kitchen and realised that we no longer have plain coffee instead we have Cookie Dough Coffee... He proceeded to make a Beanies Cookie Dough Coffee for the Mr. Builder Blokie and took it out to him and didn't say anything. The builder knocked on the door and handed back the cup to Chris and asked him what he'd put in the cuppa coffee because it tasted great. Chris showed him the jar and explained it was my coffee. The builder left and said that he'll be treating himself to a jar!!  

If like me you're on a weightloss mission or you just love flavoured coffee like our builder at the weekend. Definitely, check Beanies out. You'll blooming love em! 

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