Sunday 6 November 2016

Sparkly Specs from Specsavers!


I mean really love them. Why? Because they actually SPARKLE

I've worn glasses since I was little. I remember getting my first pair. They were rather large pale pink glasses. Very Eighties! I look back at the pictures of me in my rather large pale pink glasses in the Eighties and Nineties and think WHAT A GEEK! It wasn't such a cool look, but hey mum if you're reading this it's ok... I realise that they were all the "rage" back then! 

If you wear glasses you'll know just how important getting the right pair is. I mean your glasses are part of your day to day look if you wear them daily. Therefore it's so important to get the right fit, the right design and the right colour to suit. 

I've always gone to Specsavers for my glasses. I used to go to one of their stores in Nottingham whilst living in the Midlands and even when I was living in Dubai I used to visit the Nottingham branch once every year for an eye test.

In a few weeks time it'll be my Birthday and as ever I'm sure that I'll be wearing something sparkly on my night out with Chris. Therefore I decided to go on a mission to a local Specsavers to find some quirky, cool, sparkly glasses.

On arrival to the store, I was greeted by smiles from the staff and as I wandered around the many stands of glasses in search of the right pair. I spotted many that caught my eye... here're just a few examples...

I started to feel my heart sink as at first I spotted lots of cute glasses with pretty designs and a little bit of sparkle. However, none that really caught my eye. I really did feel that I was gonna leave Specsavers empty handed

However, as if by magic these super sparkly glasses appeared in my line of vision. They're by Twiggy for Aurora and they're just perfect, look! 


After taking many sparkly selfies, I decided to grab a pair of sparkly specs to call my own and ordered them in store right then and there, and after just one week of waiting I got my sparkly specs from Specsavers , How cool are they?

(This blog post is in collaboration with Specsavers)