Saturday 26 December 2020

Probio7 and why I love probiotics!

I've talked a lot about probiotics here on the blog and on my YouTube channel over the years. I figured I'd share with you why I find probiotics helpful for me and introduce you to some of the Probio7 range as maybe you're looking at trying out probiotics for yourself. (If you're taking medication or you have health issues always speak with a Doctor or health professional for advice before taking probiotics or vitamins.)

I've taken lots of different probiotics over the years. I've taken probiotics in yoghurt drink form, powder probiotics, tablet probiotics and liquid probiotic. I'm not gonna lie it was a matter of trial and error when it came to finding the right probiotics for me and it did take me a bit of time to find out what worked for me. I've also used different types of probiotics at different times depending on my overall health but hey I'll talk more about that as I continue writing. 

I've taken probiotics for lots of different reasons. I first developed an interest in probiotics many years ago. I was in my early twenties gigging lots and feeling really tired.  I started taking a multivitamin and found that helped a little however soon after I found out that I was low on iron so I had to take an extra iron supplement as well on the advice of the Doctor. I read more about probiotics back then and started to try different types. I started off with the yoghurt drinks and to be honest I didn't really notice much difference in my health so I gave up on those. I then tried out some powder form probiotics, these were ok however I think this was just one certain strain of probiotic and it didn't seem to suit me. I gave up on probiotics then for a while and only really started to look at taking them again seriously when I was in the Middle East. I think it was the mixture of new food and environment that made my stomach churn, I felt unwell and was suffering really bad with gut health issues. I went to see a health advisor at a local store and he was super helpful and talked me through all the different ranges. At this time all the probiotic tablets were stored in a fridge (this isn't so much of a thing now which makes keeping probiotics fresh pretty easy!) I soon learnt more about all the different strains of probiotic and started to take one daily and my hubby did as well.

I'd always had gut health issues. However, I decided to ignore them for quite a time! (Don't do this always speak to the Doctor!) I was having bouts of diarrhoea, stomach cramps and I often felt bloated. 

Skip years and years forward and not too long after having a little person I found myself really poorly crying on the bathroom floor and at a total loss. I'd been so busy working part-time and being mum I'd forgotten to take care of me. My body decided to give me a wake-up call and those niggly gut health issues that I'd just ignore and dismissed soon became a real problem and I was officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. I had to take medication for a while however since feeling better I've found that taking probiotics has really help keep me feeling ok. 

My go-to probiotic now is Probio7 Advanced. At the end of 2019, I was really quite sick with a bad chest infection and I had to take several courses of antibiotics. When I finally started to recover and pick myself back up I felt like I needed to look at my vitamins and probiotics again and that I needed to look to rebuild my immunity and overall health. Again after lots of reading and research, I decided to take Probio7 Advanced and have personally found this probiotic super helpful in keeping me feeling well and feel it's played some part in picking me back up and that it's helped me feel a lot better in myself. Alongside taking a probiotic I take a multivitamin and a vitamin c supplement. (As mentioned before it's always best to chat with a health professional or a doctor before taking any supplements or vitamins especially if you're on any other medication.)

My hubby and my little boy also take probiotics however not maybe as often as me. I've found probiotics really helpful for my little boy also who's five as sometimes certain foods upset his tummy. We recently started taking Probio7 Kidskalm. This probiotic comes in powder form so I just add it to his milk or cereal in a Morning. I don't tend to give this probiotic every day only as and when I feel he may need it. Although, I believe you can actually give this daily. 

Probio7 do quite a range of probiotics and recently they've added to their collection a probiotic that has added Vitamin D.

If you need more advice regards Probio7 probiotics their website is super helpful as you can read all about their product range and also you can easily reach out to them for advice. They also do probiotic subscription on there.

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(This article is a collaboration with Probio7.)