Monty The Cat Gets a Purr Pack

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Hi there lovelies,

This week's review is a little different in the fact that it's not a beauty review but is instead in-fact a subscription box review and unboxing video / blog post. The thing that makes it even more different... this is a box subscription service for pets.

Monty the cat is a special little fella. Over 2 years ago we rescued him. He was originally found next to some bins in Sharjah. I remember the first day that we collected him from the cat shelter and brought him home with us. He was so scared and he had pulled most of the fur off of his belly due to stress and over grooming. 

This is the very first picture that we took of Monty when we got him home.... 
(Monty the cat's first picture)

By giving Monty lots of love and care he's now a healthy, strong and happy cat as you can see from this before and after picture.... 

( Arriving in his new home left, now on the right)

You can see he's muchly loved and I would definitely recommend rescuing a cat here in Dubai from one of the shelters if you can. It's so rewarding giving them a happy home... 

(Monty the happy kit kat)
Anyway now you know a little more about Monty the cat! 

As a treat Monty the cat got the November Pet Pack called the Purr Pack from Dubai Pet Food  .
As we all know monthly box subscriptions are hot, hot, hot and the most popular ones out there tend to be beauty box subscriptions. However I thought how cool this idea is.... a monthly treat for your kitty! Awesome huh? 

You can find all the info on the website for the PET PACK  however if you want to just give it a go for one month it just costs 199 AED, and what's also very cool is the fact that 1 AED goes to K9 Friends here in Dubai. 

So back to the unboxing videos... if you click on the link below you can see Monty's Reaction as we unbox his Purr Pack... 

Lets just say he was pretty excited... and he played all afternoon with the kitty toys... he especially liked the mouse! 

You can find out all about the PURR PACK and how to subscribe HERE

(Monty the cat and his Purr Pack)

Find out more about rescuing a cat or a dog here in the UAE:  







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