Wednesday 12 November 2014

Review / Tutorial: The Body Shop Winter Makeup

Hi there lovelies,

I'm so excited to share with you today about a BRAND NEW MAKEUP collection from 
The Body Shop.

The Body Shop have just launched their "Sparkling Winter Makeup" in stores across Dubai.

The collection looks like this...

(The Body Shop Winter Makeup Collection)

Personally I've totally fallen in love with the whole collection and not just because it's sparkly! 

The Body Shop have always been known for their fabulous range of bath, shower and body products but over the last few years they've really built on their makeup collection...

This range of products really shows just how great The Body Shop's makeup range is and also the quality of the products has just got better and better.

I do adore all these products but my absolute favourite has to be The Lip & Cheek Doll, I love the packaging and I adore the gorgeous glow and colour this gives to the cheeks when applied (you can see more in my video). The other selling point for me for the lip & cheek doll is the fact that you can use it on the lips and cheeks... this means that creating a quick makeup look has never been quicker...great for a busy schedule!

Instead of reviewing this collection this week on my YouTube I've created two sparkling looks that you can recreate at home just following my video step by step... 


* This post is in partnership with The Body Shop UAE