Wednesday 29 October 2014

Gwen Stefani for OPI NAILS

Hi there lovelies,

Today I wanna share with you my cool and funky nail art that I created by using the original range of nail polishes that O.P.I Nails brought out alongside Gwen Stefani (Gwen for OPI) earlier this year.

First though check out this rather cool behind the scenes video...

I've been a fan of Gwen Stefani since her No Doubt days and I've loved nails and nail art for years and years and years.
Earlier in the year when I first heard about this collaboration it really excited me as I was looking forward to see what OPI and Gwen came up with... 

Finally I've managed to get my hands on some of the Gwen for OPI nail polishes and I decided to come up with a quick fun look, similar to the one Gwen wore in the photos for this range...

(Photos by Clare Elise taken on Nokia Lumia 1020)

STEP 1. 
Apply "Hey Baby" (pink colour) on every nail covering the whole nail. Do two coats to make it nice and even. Leave then to dry for a little while

STEP 2. 
Apply "In The Morning" (black colour) to half of every nail, apply two coats so that you get a nice crisp line... This takes a steady hand!

Apply a top coat of "In True Stefani Fashion" (silver glitter) to every nail. Try not to apply to much so that the pink and black can still be seen underneath...
(Photo by Clare Elise taken on Nokia 1020)

Let it dry and then you're done and ready to Rock n Roll.

Something I'm really excited to see more of its OPI and Gwen Stefani's Holiday Collection.
Last year OPI teamed up with Mariah Carey and came out with the most beautiful colours and from what I can see online it looks like Gwen Stefani' Holiday Collection won't be dissapointing anyone. I've already fallen in love with "I'll tinsel you in" and "Snowglobe Trotter"  + "So Elegant". Check out the website to find out more: O.P.I
(photo thanks to OPI Nails)
By the way... have you heard Gwen Stefani's new tune "Baby Don't Lie"...