Monday 27 October 2014

An Interview with Alex Box from Illamasqua

Hi there lovelies,

(Clare Elise & Alex Box taken on Nokia 1020)

If you watch my weekly pregnancy vlogs you will have already seen that I managed to have a chat with the lovely Alex Box last week when she visited Dubai.
 This for me was a dream come true...

It must have been maybe 2009 / 2010 when I first stumbled across Illamasqua and fell in love with the brand. I remember it was a weekend and my mum and I decided to drive to the Trafford Centre in Manchester and have a little shop as I wasn't gigging. It was there that I found Illamasqua and as they say the rest is history.

Because of my total love for beauty and after working in beauty for years, I soon found out about Alex Box and have been a fan of her work ever since. I think it's fair to say she really is an outstanding make-up artist and now that I've met her I can also say she really is a very lovely person! 
(Illamasqua Box lipstick signed by Alex Box) 

Anyway enough writing. You want to see the interview right?

Click on the video below to watch and find out all about the brand new Illamasqua range for Christmas, "Facets" and why did Alex Box dyed her hair that colour...