Thursday 30 May 2019

HUM Vitamins and why you should invest in em!

Hi, Lovelies,

As you know I'm a beauty and health geek. I'm always researching and seeing what's new in the world of vitamins and probiotics as I feel that taking vitamins and probiotics daily have made a big difference to my health over the years especially during pregnancy!

Since moving to Oman, I've suffered a lot with colds, coughs and sinus infections and as you know I have Ulcerative Colitis (luckily though I've not had a flare since using SYMPROVE!)  

I started to buy vitamins from a well known US brand that's here in Muscat. However, I started to get a little fed up with paying a stupidly high price tag for what was just a daily multivitamin. I also was also fed up with having to "make do". The multivitamin from this well known US brand had so many different ingredients in it and quite frankly I didn't need or want to take all of them. I just did for 3 months because it was the only thing available.

Anyway, in the middle of last year, I felt enough was enough and I researched and delved deep into the world of vitamins and minerals.

I soon discovered (thanks to Google) HUM NUTRITION and I really liked what I read.

Here was a brand that had been set up by Chris & Walter with customer needs in mind. The research that went into this brand by its owners is amazing and the vitamins are made with the very best ingredients.

Watch this little video to learn more about HUM and it's founders...

I feel I should mention here that this is NOT A SPONSORED POST and even if it was you know that I only ever write about stuff that I believe in!

What I love about HUM is the fact that you can buy what you want and need and get the vitamins that are really going to be of use to you and your health.

I always start with BASE CONTROL and then build up a box of vitamins with things that I need.

Here's a list of what I normally get now...

So why have a written all about HUM NUTRITION on the blog... 

Well, I really wanted to share this find with you as I'm really super impressed with the brand.
The products are high quality, I genuinely feel a lot better after taking these vitamins and I really like how they get delivered to me in a nice neat box monthly it just makes it easy. The company is based in America but they do ship worldwide. I get mine delivered to me via Shop & Ship here in Muscat, Oman. I only do this as it's a lot quicker than waiting on the post! 

When you sign up and begin purchasing from Hum nutrition they set you up with a discount code. If you're wanting to try out these vitamins for yourself just type in 158900 and you'll get $10 off your order... cool hey! 

Have you tried out Hum Nutrition before? What do you think to the brand?