Monday 8 August 2016

Vitamins for Skin, Hair, Energy... Inner Me (As Seen On Dragons Den)

As you know I'm a HUGE fan of all things health and beauty related. I'm always reading up and finding out about what the latest health food craze is or what supplement is a must have! 

I discovered Inner Me back in 2012. Now I'm going, to be honest, the packaging was the first thing that appealed to me back then as it was super cute, the second thing about Inner Me that appealed to me was the convenience of the product, all the vitamins that I needed were placed in one small packet which meant no longer did I have to worry about filling up my cupboards with jars of vitamins that I'll never remember to take. Instead, there was just one cute packet of vitamins sat there next to my coffee cup ready for me to take first thing in the Morning. 
(Photo thanks to Inner Me & Selfridges)

Inner Me was founded by Nikki Cooper a lady with a vision. She decided to put all the vitamins that us girlies need in our day to day lives into one little packet so that it made the life of us busy bee's just that little bit easier and helped stop us all from falling into the trap of spending hundreds of pounds a years on jars and jars of vitamins that we might not ever actually get around to taking. Brilliant, just brilliant... Well Done Nikki!

(Nikki - Inner Me, photo thanks to InnerMe.Com)
I can genuinely say that Inner Me has really made a huge difference to my life.. hence me writing about them. I'm really passionate about the brand and I genuinely think Nikki's idea and business is just awesome! 

I tried Inner Me like I said years ago however Inner Me has recently made an even bigger impact on my life more recently.
In January 2015 I became a Mum. As many ladies do during birth I lost quite a lot of blood and was left very anaemic and it took me quite some time to get those iron stores back up to a good level. Throughout pregnancy, I had taken vitamins and just after pregnancy I took vitamins. HOWEVER, I still wasn't feeling 100% by the end of last year. 

(Lewis 1 Month Old photo property of Clare Elise)

I remember sitting down one day whilst Lewis was napping and tweeting Nikki as I decided to revisit Inner Me to see if they might have a solution to help me get back to feeling 100%. I asked Nikki if I could take the Daily 4 30+ vitamins whilst Breastfeeding. Within hours she tweeted me back saying yes! That was that, and within a couple of days, a box of Inner Me vitamins landed on my doorstep and my first month of taking Inner Me Daily 4 30+ began. 

I soon started to feel a difference in myself. I felt more alert, my skin looked brighter and I felt generally a lot better. I kept taking the vitamins for a few months and I couldn't believe just how much better I actually felt.

(Clare Elise)

Then... life got busy... we moved house again, Lewis was teething, Chris started his new job and I totally forgot to look after myself! By this I mean I totally forgot to order and take vitamins. For the first month I felt fine then by month two I started to feel lethargic again and drained. I normally nag Chris to take his vitamins, however, this time, it was all about Chris reminding me how important it was to take the vitamins ESPECIALLY whilst still breastfeeding.

I'm glad to report that since then I've sorted myself out and the Inner Me vitamins are a permanent fixture in my kitchen and every day I take them.

Why so many tablets? 

(Inner Me Packet)

Nikki at Inner Me has really researched health and nutrition and has found out what vitamins and minerals / supplements will benefit ladies at different ages. Hence her coming up with the 20+, 30/40 + and the 50 + boxes of vitamins. Nikki wanted to also make taking the right vitamins / supplements affordable hence her also coming up with one box full of vitamins for each age group and enough vitamins in there for the whole month.... plus you can also save money by subscribing and getting your vitamins sent out to you monthly OR by purchasing a bundle of health goodies like below. Looking after your health and saving time and money is a plus surely for any busy mum or girlie on the go ! ! ! 

(Inner Me Bundle)

This is the first month of me trying out The Epsom Salts and the Children's Vitamin Powder and so far I'm super impressed with those too. I simply add the recommended amount of Children's Vitamin Powder to Lewis' Morning Bottle Of Milk (he seems happy with the taste!) and regards the Epsom Salts.... Well, let us just say I've enjoyed having a long soak in the bath using them! #RelaxTimeWhenLittleOneIsInBed !