Sunday 2 February 2014

Sparkly Sunday

1. Fairy Glow Jars.

(photo thanks to thecoolios )

I really love this idea. They make great house decorations. There's two ways of making them one with glow sticks the other with glow in the dark paint. 

2. Finding the right sports bra or bra for larger chested woman.

I've had quiet a few questions about where to get decent bra's for larger chested ladies. I went along to TKD earlier in the week and found out more. Here's the video

3. The Perfect Valentines Day Shoe.

These are from Charlotte Olympia and they are absolutely gorgeous don't you think?
4. Valentines Day Cupcake

This is such a cute cupcake and the recipe is gluten free.
Find it HERE

5. Kylie's new song. 

Have a listen HERE