Friday 7 February 2014

Fabulous Friday: How to have a Fabulous day!

It's Friday which means its the weekend here in Dubai.

Make sure that you make Friday Fabulous... here's some ideas on how you could do that.... 

First off have a lovely long shower.... maybe treat yourself to some nice refreshing shower products in the week and this morning take the time to do a body scrub and then follow it with a luxury body moisturiser, have a pamper in stead of a rush around!

Secondly choose an outfit that makes you feel good & maybe wear your favourite pair of shoes or something.

Thirdly treat yourself to a nice breakfast, this could mean that you plan ahead again and buy in some breakfast treats like pancakes or muffins or maybe you've never been to that nice little cafe around the corner..... go and try it today.

Now do what ever you wish... but make sure its something that makes you happy. 
Perhaps go to the movies, catch up with some friends you haven't seen in a while or just a chilled afternoon by the pool......

Then comes the evening... make the most of it.... plan ahead... if you're off out on the town spend time getting ready and maybe treat yourself to a new outfit in the afternoon.... perhaps today's all about a pamper so get in and run yourself a bath and enjoy!

The key to having a fabulous day is to plan it out and get things done that make you happy... Be selfish today but be kind to everyone you meet.... Enjoy your Friday Lovelies <3