Wednesday 15 January 2014

Weight-loss Wednesday

Hi there lovelies,

So here it is the very first "Weight-loss Wednesday" on the new Sparkly Blog.

Over the up and coming weeks I'll be focusing here on the challenge that I've set called #VLOGFIT. 
(See the playlist HERE)

The idea behind #VLOGFIT is to basically make myself even more accountable for my weight-loss. I mean its so easy to kick off a diet and health and fitness regime and then before you know get back to eating cakes simply because you've lost motivation.
So I created #VLOGFIT as a way to give me motivation and focus... I figured that by filming my weight-loss journey everyday I'd have to do it and have to keep on track, also I wanted it be support for other people who are dieting. I wanted it to be on YouTube so that people could join me on my weight-loss journey and see daily what I'm going through and how I feel as in these videos this is me and my emotions and I know other people will be going through the same thing.
I also threw it out there and asked if you'd like to join me on #VLOGFIT , so far I've seen about 5 or 6 peoplearound the world join #VLOGFIT and doing it in there own particular way. I think that is fab and hopefully that inspires even more people to get involved and support one another.

Today is Weight In day so make sure you join me for tomorrows video to see if I've lost anything this week. Last weeks video can be found here..... 

Check out today's video too... HERE