Sunday 12 January 2014

Sparkly Sunday

Hi there lovelies,

So here's my first Sparkly Sunday on the Sparkly New Blog!!! WOO HOO!!!

Find out what to expect on other days .....


Just in-case you haven't seen yet. I'm doing a things called #VLOGFIT. Basically I came up with this because I figured that if I had to VLOG daily about my weight loss journey it would mean that I would have to keep focused on the end goal. Also I created the #VLOGFIT tag so that people could keep in touch using it and support one another on their fitness journey! YAY

Find the videos on my YouTube Channel HERE 

2. Simon's Cat

If you need a giggle today check out these videos on YouTube... its one of my favourite channels. As you know I have a cat called Monty who I adore and these videos always make me think of him when I watch them.... See what you think.... HERE

I really liked this quote (photo courtesy of ANA ANTUNES home Styling)

I just found this site on ETSY. These are seriously sparkly shoes. I'm so impressed.
(photo thanks to Creative Sugar)

If you're looking for a quirky brooch as a gift or maybe for yourself look no further... how cute is this. It's only $13.00 USD as well!!!!! find it HERE
(photo thanks to Days In Design)