Monday 20 January 2014

Make-up Monday

I have good news! 

I've found the perfect neural lip-shade. REALLY I have.... Well I think so! 

Yes I am all about colour and YES I love funky shades of lipstick. However I truly believe that you should have at least one decent nude lip-shade in your make-up collection and being honest I've struggled to find the perfect match.

However now thanks to POPPY KING I have met my match, a gorgeous lip crayon in the shade of  CHINATOWN PINK BLUFF.

You may already know that I'm a fan of POPPY KING . I've actually done a couple of videos HERE and HERE.

I really love how Poppy King looks at lipstick. She's so focused on making shades to suit each and everyone and I also like how her lipstick comes in either highly pigmented or sheer shades.

This lipsticks nice and quirky! I love the fact that its designed to look like a chunky crayon and the application is easy, being totally honest I prefer this type of design. The only downside to this that I can see is if you loose the pencil sharpener your stuffed! It's such a chunky crayon that it won't fit normal pencil sharpeners so this is worth thinking about when you use this.... put the pencil sharpener safe! 

Things that I really like about this lipstick are:

1. The colour... its lovely and glossy and matches my natural lip perfectly.
2. Its easy to apply and you can get a great shaped lip with the pencil design.
3. I love the quirkiness of the chunky crayon design.
4. It's very moisturising.