Sunday 28 August 2016

Sparkly Sunday: Bags

Let's talk BAGS shall we and not the type of bags that sit under your eyes most of the time if you're a Mummy! 
Nope, I wanna talk about handbags, shoulder bags, and funky bags.

It's been a little while since I posted a Sparkly Sunday... However, it's Good News, as I'm hoping to get slowly back up to speed and bring you a lot more Sparkly Sunday Posts, So keep an eye out on the blog Oh, and make sure you check back on the 31st August 2016 as I've got something quite exciting to share with you...


(photo thanks to Sprayground)

OMG! As soon as I spotted these bags I fell in love. Sprayground is popular with Celebs and Fashionista's all over the World and now their super funky bags are available to buy here in the UK. This little beauty is Kitten Money and is priced at just £45.60.

(Photo thanks to Simply Be) 
I'm really loving this colourful floral bag it's perfect for now or to add a pop of colour to any outfit in the Autumn months ahead. The bag is a total bargain at the moment as it's in the sale for just £15.00!

3. Bright Sequin Unicorn Bag
(Photo thanks to

This cool little quirky bag is in Claire's sale right now so I'm guessing once it's gone it's gone. However, I thought I would share this super funky sparkly bag as it's priced at just£7.00.

(Photo thanks to Rock My Vintage)
I love this. If you teamed this bag up with a Little Black Dress over the Winter months it would definitely add a little bit of sunshine to your day for sure and it would brighten up your outfit. It also only costs £10.00.

(Photo thanks to Simply Be)
I think this would make the perfect everyday bag. It adds a splash of colour to any outfit and it helps us to get away from the bog standard black everyday bag for work. It costs 


I hope you've enjoyed this week's Sparkly Sunday. Let me know which bag's your favourite!