Monday 22 August 2016

Growing My Hair...

I'm not gonna lie this growing your hair business is tough!

There's been plenty of times over this last year where I've been on the verge of just walking into a hairdresser's and asking them to cut it all off!!! However, I've been super patient and I've nearly got my hair into the style and shape that I want... a MESSY BOB

(Clare Elise Messy Bob 2016)

My Hair Story...

When I was a young and at school, my hair was cut into the perfect bob shape. Mum took me to a lovely hairdresser in Sheffield to get my hair cut every month and yeah, it was the PERFECT BOB! By that I mean that it was a bob and a very untrendy bob! Now don't get me wrong it looked nice, HOWEVER, it wasn't all that fashionable, although to be honest most of us growing up in the Eighties / Nineties probably ended up with a similar haircut as it seemed to be the "In Thing!".

Anyway, enough about that! 

During my college days whilst I studied music, I started to really experiment with my hair. I grew it long, I dyed it dark purple, dark red and black and I even started to plait red hair extensions into my hair which I bought from a little store in the Nottingham Victoria Market place. I totally loved the idea of red and black hair but at that time I just wasn't brave enough to take the plunge...! 

(Clare Elise & Subject2Status Band photo shoot)

Then in 2002... it happened... I booked an appointment at Toni & Guy in Nottingham after a breakup with a boy! I walked into the hairdressers that day with messy, long dark hair and asked them to cut it all off and dye it red and black... this was the result and I blooming LOVED IT!   

(Photo thanks to Robin Hosgood)

Anyone who follows me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter will know that my hair has stayed short and messy and has been red and black since then. However, last year I decided enough was enough it was time for a change and as soon as we arrived back in the UK I started to grow my hair.

In September 2015 my hair looked like this... 

(Clare Elise hair 2015)

Still short however a lot flatter in shape and style and ready for growing....

By February 2016... my hair was ready for a cut and colour. So I stepped into Rush Hairdressers. This was the end result... a lot darker than before however really funky hair and still red and black.

(Clare Elise hair Feb 2016)

Hair Styling....

When I had short and messy hair like this...

(Clare Elise 2015)
Styling my hair was super easy. I simply did a quick blow dry in the Morning and followed that with a little bit of styling putty to add definition and add shape and style to my hair! TBH it was the perfect hair cut.. especially for after having Lewis as it was easy and quick to do.

As my hair grew it became a little more difficult to get the right feel to the look... I decided to leave my hair for five months without any proper cutting or colouring... I did have a little trim during that time but that was it. I did this so that I could start to get the layers to grow down and so that I could get the fullness to my hair back after breastfeeding as whilst breastfeeding my hair went a little thin. 

During this time I discovered got2b by Schwarzkopf. I now have two products on my beauty shopping list that are must haves! They are Schwarzkopf got2b Powder'ful and Schwarzkopf got2b Made 4 Mess. These two products are awesome! I simply spray Schwarzkopf got2b Made 4 Mess through my hair whilst it's wet and then blow dry and once blow dried I simply sprinkle a little got2be Powder'ful onto my hands and massage that onto the roots of my hair. DONE. Messy Perfection! 

(Clare Elise got2b)

If you follow me on social media you'll know that recently on Instagram I posted about my new hair! It's nearly a year since I started growing it and now my hair is like this... 

(Clare Elise hair Aug 2016)

It's a perfectly messy, red and black and it's in a gorgeous bob shape. I love it! 
(Thanks, to Rush hair salon / Schwarzkopf got2b styling range for helping me get my hair sorted.) 

(Schwarzkopf got2b)