Tuesday 14 October 2014

New Music I'm liking right now...

Hi there lovelies,

As you know I'm a HUGE fan of music and I've always tried to support local talent / up and coming talent on the radio whenever I can.  I've been doing a post on the "Sparkly Blog" called Tuesday Tunes for a while now as a way of sharing with you new music finds. However as you've may have noticed I've not done a Tuesday Tunes post for a while.... 
I've decided to do a Tuesday Tunes once a month now sharing a few of my new music finds... 
Let me know though if you'd like me to do more.... 

1. Problem - Pentatonix (Ariana Grande Cover)

I know this is a cover version, but this was to good not to share... What do you think to it?

2. Waze & Odyssey vs R. Kelly - Bump & Grind 2014

This samples two well know nineties tunes. I don't normally enjoy remixes or reworked tracks... however this one is done so well! Also the videos a good laugh!  I guarantee after one listen you'll be hooked and be playing it on repeat.

3. Red Sky - 'LosingYou'

This whole group is made up very talented songwriters, musicians and singers.  Find out all about them on their website RED SKY JULY . I've featured them before as a favorite and I've decided to feature them again because each album just keeps getting better and better.

4. Sheppard - Geronimo

Really impressed with Sheppard and this tune. They kinda remind me of Alphabeat with their quirkiness, and Scouting For Girls with their pop sound.
This song is super catchy and I'm sure that they're gonna go far if they keep churning out awesome pop tunes like this.

5. Goodbye - Martin Eriksson ft: Clare Elise

Our tracks been out for ten weeks now and is doing great. PLEASE keep downloading as with your help maybe we could make it into the Beatport or Itunes chart. However check this out... after 10 weeks out there Goodbye by Martin Eriksson ft: Clare Elise is now back at number 2 in the Deejayworx Charts!!!!! 

Goodbye - Martin Eriksson Ft: Clare Elise at Number 2 in the Deejayworx Charts