Sunday 28 September 2014

Sparkly Sunday

Hi there lovelies,

I hope you're having a fabulous, sparkly day! 

1. Sparkly September

I can't believe we are nearly at the end of September. How fast has this month gone?
You may or may not have seen that I've been making September Sparkly and I've been posting quotes on my social media daily to help add a little sparkle to your day! If you've missed out so far you can find all the past quotes on my INSTAGRAM and you can read more in this previous BLOG post.

2. A Beautiful Mess - Broccoli & Cheddar Bake

Chris is a big fan of Broccoli & Stilton soup... nom, nom, nom! 
I found this recipe the other day, and I do like the sound of it... I've not tried to make it yet... maybe later this week! 

(Photo thanks to A Beautiful Mess)

3. Zoella Beauty

Zoella is no stranger to the beauty & blogging world and if you're a YouTube fan I'm sure you've watched many a Zoella video. Zoella's career keeps going from strength to strength and this last week saw her release her own beauty range which is available to purchase on Feel Unique. I'm personally loving the guinea pig makeup bag and I think I might just have to invest... What do you think, do you like it??? 

(Photo thanks to Zoella Beauty and Feel Unique
4. The Body Shop - Red Musk Perfume

Last week I went along to the launch here in Dubai of a brand new perfume from The Body Shop, "RED MUSK". I actually included a little about it in this last weeks Pregnancy Vlog .
However on Wednesday make sure you head on back over to Clare Elise Sparkles as I'll be doing a full review and I'll be sharing a YouTube video which includes a chat with the lady behind the perfume... Senior Perfumer Corinne Cachen.... So watch this space... or maybe subscribe now to BLOGLOVIN so you don't miss it... 

(Clare Elise with Corinne Cachen - Senior Perfumer)

5. Liparazzi - Baby updates

I've been following Laura's blog "Liparazzi" now for sometime. I always enjoy reading about her beauty finds and during Laura's pregnancy I enjoyed reading about how her pregnancy was going. Now that she's had her little boy Conor she's doing regular baby updates on the blog which are fab! Definitely head on over to Liparazzi and have a little read... 

( Photo thanks to Laura at Liparazzi)