Saturday 5 July 2014

Sparkly Sunday

1. Nutella M&M's Giant Cupcake Rainbow Cake with Cupcake Addiction

I love checking out +MyCupcakeAddiction . I'm not great at baking (as you know), however I do like looking at
the brightly coloured cakes.

2. Mandy's Sugarcraft

I seem to be having a thing about pretty cakes at the moment! I had to include these cupcake though as they are 
perfect for right now. What do you think to them?
(Thanks to Mandy's Sugarcraft for the picture)

I was searching out Summer Nail Art Designs and I came across this article. I thought I would share as there's 
some great designs all in one place.

4. ISmellGood
All of these perfumed oils sound so, so good! I really like the bottle designs too.
(Thanks to I Smell Good for the picture)

5. SeraphinaHandmades

I stumbled across these headbands whilst looking for a birthday gift for a friend.
 I ladore the quirkiness of this one! 

Beige, Blue, Cowrie shell Tribal Fusion Headband/ Headpiece

( Thanks to Seraphina Headbands for the photo)