Sunday 15 June 2014

Sparkly Sunday

Hi lovelies,

Happy Sparkly Sunday & Happy Fathers Day.

Today's also a rather special day for me and the hubbie as it's our Wedding Anniversary. YAY!

1. Unicorn Skirt

(Photo thanks to Bank Fashion)
I'm loving this quirky and cute unicorn skirt from Bank Fashion, and what's even better? It's the sale right now for just £20.00

2. Watermelon Shoes.
(Photo thanks to Pinup Girl Clothing)
These are just the cutest slip - ons! Who said that casual flat shoes had to be boring?  

3. Purple Butterfly Necklace

(Photo thanks to Blue Button Baubles)

I love any jewellery that has butterflies on it but I especially love this design by Blue Button Baubles, be sure to check her store out for more cute unique pieces.

4. Clare Elise Sparkles TV

Have you subscribed to my sparkly YouTube Channel yet? If not why not click on the video see what it's all about and then see if you'd like to join me on my sparkly adventures! :) 
Put it this way if you click subscribe it will make me muchly happy! 

5. Gold & Pink Glittery Now I'm 1 Party Hat

(Photo Thanks to Kutie bow tuties)

If you're a mum or dad reading this you might want to check out  they do the cutest party hats.