Thursday 15 May 2014

This and That Thursday Lava Shell Massage

So earlier this week I had a real pamper. I was invited along to Tips & Toes to try out their brand new treatment called "The Lava Shell Massage".

I wasn't sure what a lava shell massage was, but me being me said yes and popped along to the salon to try it out.

I've been to Tip & Toes quite a few times before as they have branches all over Dubai, however, whenever I've actually been in before it was always just for a nail polish change or a pedicure not a treatment.

On arrival to the salon I was greeted with a smile by the lady who was doing my treatment and then I was taken to a treatment room just at the side of the main nail polish section. 
At first I was wondering just how relaxing this would actually be because the treatment room was right near where ladies were chatting  and getting there nails done so I expected lots of noise, however once inside the treatment room I couldn't hear any of that.

So on to the Lava Shell Massage itself..... What actually is it?

From what I understand there are two shells used during this massage, these are filled with the special lava which heats up (So therefore giving you a similar massage experience to Hot Stone). The masseuse uses these warm shells to do the main massage, but before using the warm shells she first applies oil and gently warms up the muscles on your back and shoulders by hand... then she starts to slowly massage with the warm lava shells after this. 
Once the massage was done I was left in a dreamy relaxed state, which was great. However when I book this again I think I'll make sure I get this at the end of the day because it seems like the perfect chill out massage to help you sleep.

If you're looking to chill out for a while and perhaps have a pamper on the weekend this treatment is definitely the one for you......

It's a full body massage treatment and lasts for 75 minutes and I personally think the price is perfect at just 320dhs

Find out more at TIPS & TOES

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