Tuesday 29 April 2014

Tuesday Tunes

1. I'm really excited about the up and coming release of this final remix of my latest tune with Lowkiss. Its out to download on 12th May 2014 and the original version is out now. Please support Rain Falling by Lowkiss feat. Clare Elise. As it means LOTS! 

2. Kasabian - eez-eh

This new one from Kasabian debuted just this week. It is so good to have them back and this tune is so catchy. I will most definitely be playing this in the car! 

3. Coldplay - Magic

We've been playing this now on Dubai 92 for quite a few weeks and from the first time that I played it I fell in love with this tune. It's all about that gorgeous bassline, Chris Martin's awesome vocals and the piano laced in between. LOVE IT! 

This has a real old skool vibe to it. It's really funky, and I love how the tune just kinda easily rolls along. Another great release from Defected. Well done guys! 

This song has so much attitude and emotion in it. The vocals are fierce and the music  works nicely alongside to complement the great vocal. Cleverly done and a great tune from the Bingo Players.