Wednesday 30 January 2019

Why do we find it so hard to accept a compliment as women?

Why as women can't we say "thanks so much" when being complimented?

A random situation happened to me the other day which got me thinking!

I was out and about at an event when I bumped into a lady who I'd not seen in ages. We're Facebook friends but acquaintances rather than super close friends.
Anyhow, I hadn't seen her for a while in person but I had seen on Facebook that this lady was on a health and weight loss mission.

When I saw her I noticed that she looked really well, happy and confident and after all the struggles that I've had with my own weight for years, I decided to pay her a couple of compliments to try to be nice and positive and build her confidence up.

So there we were face to face catching up and asking how each other were and I said. "Wow, you look fab. I really like your dress and your sparkly eye makeup it's lovely." She stood there looked at me a little blankly and looked slightly taken back by the compliment that I'd thrown her way and then just kinda smiled nodded at me in an awkward way and walked off saying the words "Hopefully, see you again soon."

Honestly, it felt so awkward. There's me trying to be supportive, friendly and genuinely compliment a lovely person on the way she looks and yet I was left feeling a little bit weird.

But it got me thinking about how I react to compliments. I realise now that I'm a lot better at receiving compliments however it has really taken me some time to reply back to a compliment with a simple "Thank you."
I remember someone would say to me years ago something like. "Oh wow your coat is lovely" and I instead of just saying "Arrr, thanks it is great isn't it" I'd play it down with a reply like "This thing... I've had it years!"

Why am I writing about this I hear you ask...

I just wanted to make you think about how you yourself react to a compliment. Do you accept the compliment and feel great or do you always feel a little embarrassed and not sure how to react?
Next time someone says something nice to you make sure that you listen carefully to your response!
Let's stop pulling ourselves down and reacting to compliments with a negative reply.
When someone compliments us next time let's respond with a strong confident "THANKS SO MUCH" also when you're out and about enjoying your day why not throw a compliment someone's way and brighten up their day!

Let's focus on being confident and strong and build each other up and make each other smile!