Wednesday 1 October 2014

Review: The Body Shop's RED MUSK

Hi there lovelies,

Welcome along to October! 

Last week I went along to the exclusive launch of The Body Shop's brand new perfume "Red Musk" here in Dubai.

The evening's launch was held in SASS cafe. SASS cafe is all about red, black glitz and glamour and to be honest with you being surrounded by my favourite colour's took me to my happy place as soon as I stepped through the door.
You can see a little bit about the launch in last weeks "Pregnancy Vlog".

During the evening I had the chance to speak to the very lovely Corinne Cachen. Corinne Cachen is the "nose behind the scent" and the creator of The Body Shop's Red Musk.
(Corinne Cachen & Clare Elise at The Body Shop Red Musk launch here in Dubai)

Have a little watch of this weeks YouTube video by clicking below and you'll get to see what Corinne Cachen had to say about her new creation Red Musk and I'll tell you what I think to the brand new twist on the Body Shop favourite "White Musk".

*This post is in partnership with The Body Shop UAE.