Tuesday 13 May 2014

Tuesday Tunes

Some new tunes that are worth a listen this week.... 

Its great to have a new album from these guys, the albums titled "True Blue" and this is a superb track taken from it.

This was Sweden's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest. The first time I heard this I fell in love with it. Its absolutely beautiful, the videos fab and Sanna's vocals are crystal clear.

3. Syron feat Horror Stories - Three Dreams

To me this has a real kinda nineties vibe to it. I love how the track is just an easy listen 

and the vocal just nicely flows. AWESOME STUFF! 

Pure pop perfectly executed by Kylie. I've never not liked a Kylie track, I love her voice and she just does pop so well...
Its worth while checking out the remixes of this track as there's some cracking ones...

Bulletproof was a massive hit a few years ago. This track has a totally different pace but it still has 
great electro vibes and edgy vocals.