Monday 13 January 2014

Make-up Monday

Hi Lovelies,

So everyone's been raving about NAKED palettes from Urban Decay. Don't get me wrong  I love Urban Decay and I'm a HUGE fan of their eye-shadow however I'm not the biggest fan of neutral shades. I LOVE COLOUR! As you may have already guessed...... 
Therefore although it's nice to have some neutral shades to blend with, I'm not going to be investing in the NAKED palettes any time soon, there you go... I said it!
The reason I talk about this is because I think that I've found the perfect palette which combines neutral and slightly more vibrant shades which suits me just fine.

Just before Christmas I went in to Sephora at Mall Of The Emirates and spotted on the shelf this palette. "JOY TO THE GIRLS" Too Faced. 
Immediately my eyes lit up and within seconds my hand was covered in all the shades and I was raving to the hubbie "look, look so pretty"..... the hubbie like he normally does grinned and tried to look interested,however bless his heart he did see how happy I was trying on he shades and decided to pop it under the Christmas Tree so lucky old me now owns this fabulous palette, and I have to admit I'm a HUGE fan! 

As you can see from this picture you get a vast array of shade15 in total and you get a lashGASM mascara to. The Perfect palette for taking away on your hols as its neat and compact.

I just love the looks that you can get from this palette and I like how pigmented and sparkly the shades are, I should add not all shades are sparkly however snow angel, cookie dough, powdered sugar are all great base colours to build on and coal is a lovely flat black which compliments the sparkly shades perfectly. 

Here's some of my favourite shades.

Left to Right - Twinkle, Prancer, Joy, Yule Log, Sugar Plum

As you can tell I really do love this palette. For me it is the perfect combination of neutral and colour, I also love how the palette has three look ideas on the left hand side as you open it up. This makes it a great palette for those who are unsure about blending colours and its perfect for a newbie to make-up making it a lovely gift.

I'm not sure if this was maybe a limited edition festive palette or not but I'm guessing it probably is so I'd advise looking to get it ASAP if you like the colours.

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