Wednesday, 29 January 2020

Places to go for lunch or brunch in Muscat

If you follow me on Instagram you'll already know that I'm a coffee girl. I just love the stuff. My perfect afternoon normally involves the family, a coffee shop and food! 

I figured out that I'd share with you some of my favourite places for brunch or lunch here in Muscat.
Muscat is filled with lots of places to eat so it's pretty much guaranteed that where ever you are in the city you'll find somewhere lovely to sit, eat and chill! 


TR.EAT cafe is in the Intercontinental Hotel. If you love coffee this place is definitely worth a visit. The coffee list is extensive and their spiced cold brew is a must! The cool thing about TR.EAT also is the fact that they have quite a few vegan options on the menu. This is super helpful for us, as our little boy has a dairy allergy. TR.EAT is great for family time, chill out time or an out of office workspace as they have WIFI. The food menu is great. However I normally just head here for either a takeaway coffee or a coffee and cake as a treat! During the winter months on a Friday morning just outside T.REAT, there's a small farmers market where you can pick up fresh vegetables and baked goods. (It's worthwhile checking with the cafe to whether this is going on before heading there especially.)


I visited Mint & Coco when they first opened here in Muscat and was taken back by the beautiful decor and the yummy food menu. This is the perfect place for either a catch up with friends or a spot of lunch with work colleagues. They also have dairy-free coffee options. I normally grab a salad and coffee when I go here, however, I always end up getting a portion of Truffle fries because they are just SOOOO GOOD! You can read a full review of Mint & Coco that I did  HERE


Wind Rose coffee is tucked away, but you'll find it easily if you use Google Maps. They really know their stuff when it comes to coffee. The barista is super helpful so if you're not sure what to have just ask! The only downside about Wind Rose for me personally is the lack of dairy-free options. However, they did have a cold brew and nitro cold brew on offer. I opted for a glass of cold brew coffee as I found the nitro cold brew just a little too strong for me (they let me have a taste). The cold brew was lovely and refreshing and the hubby really enjoyed his cappuccino. They also sell bags of coffee so you can take away their beautiful blends. This place serves fabulous coffees and some snacks. It's a lovely place to chill and meet friends and it's the perfect place to go and do work.


I really like going here for food and coffee as they do both really well. There's also plenty of dairy-free options on the menu which helps because my little boy has a cows milk allergy. I really love their eggs benedict and normally end up having a turmeric & honey immune-boosting shot when I visit on a weekend.  (If you're prone to catching colds all the time I'd say give it a try!) There are a few branches of Mani's across Muscat and each branch has its own loyalty card which is so worth checking out if you intend on visiting regularly. This is a great place for family food.


You can find this cafe in the gardens of the new Hilton Hotel here in Muscat. The location of this place is one of its main selling points. As soon as you step into the cafe you feel like you're miles away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Another great thing is the little park on the side, this is perfect for when you have little people with you! Obviously, the park is great for use during the winter months but do bear in mind if you're visiting here in the Summer months it'll be way too hot to use. The menu here is quite unique and the portions are pretty big. We tried the Sushi Burrito on our last visit and it was delish. They do have a kids menu here which is great although it would be fab to see just one dairy-free option on there. The coffee is lovely and this is my fave place to meet friends and chill in an afternoon as it has a perfect lazy weekend vibe about it. Summing this place up expect a unique fun menu, delish food and beautiful views and surroundings.


This was the first place that we went to as a family when we landed in Muscat. Our boss picked us up from our apartment and took us here for Breakfast! Since then we've been here most weekends.  Breakfast is my favourite here is poached eggs on brown toast with halloumi cheese and avocado. The only downside for me is the fact that they have no dairy-free options so I have to go to the Starbucks nearby for my coffee as I drink coffee made with soya milk. However, they do have a really great kids menu along with a great selection of juices. Something that's worth mentioning here is just how friendly all the staff are they welcome you as soon as you step through the door and also do their best to make special celebrations super special. Also, during the Winter months, this is a great place to visit as you can sit outside.