Monday, 9 May 2016

Mummy & Baby Group for the first time...

Stepping on stage dressed up to the nines covered in sparkles and singing to over a thousand people, EASY! Walking into a mum and baby group with your one-year-old for the first time...terrifying!

(Clare Elise live on stage in Blackpool)

I hear you ask...why Clare?

I'll tell you why...

We've moved recently? It's been a mad year and a bit. One minute I'm in the middle of the desert with temperatures reaching 50+ and pushing a pram around an air-conditioned shopping mall to make sure that I get some exercise.... the next I'm back in the UK pushing the pram along the seafront with a cool sea breeze against my face.

(Lewis on the beach)

I love being back in the UK and I love the new place that we live. However I don't know anyone around me so I figured rather than sit here on my tod with little un why not get out and say "Hi" and meet people.

I found out about a local mother and baby group. I'd never been to one of these things, HOWEVER one of my best friends assured me that these groups were really good fun and good  to go to as you get to meet people and your little one gets to meet other little people.
I thought about it for about a week or two and then finally plucked up the courage to go along.

I remember that morning. The morning routine was rolling step by step and I was on a mission. At 9.00 am I gave Little Lewis a bottle of milk as normal and he lay in his cot enjoying it, however, he started to get sleepy and started to settle down ready for a nap. PANIC! I didn't want to drag a sleepy baby to Mum & Baby group this would not be good for me or him!
I quickly scooped him up out of his play area popped him in the pram and started to throw everything into his bag as quickly as I could.
After faffing about for another 10 minutes or so and checking that I had everything finally I put on my scarf and coat and we finally headed off to our Mother and Baby group.

I got to the venue.. there were two doors at the front of the building where do I go, I thought?

Luckily I turned round and saw another mummy getting her little one out of the car and putting her little girl into the pram. She kindly kinda held my hand and showed me where to go and where to leave my pram (another thing I hadn't thought about!).

I remember walking through that door for the first time carrying Lewis in one arm and his bag slung over my shoulder. EVERYONE STARED!
I'm not gonna lie it was scary... there were mums all scattered around the room with cups of tea in one hand and a biscuit in the other and boxes of toys were all across the floor it was crazy. Getting across to a seat was a challenge. 


I got a to seat Lewis was on the floor crawling towards a pile of toys and some other little ones who were playing together and I was in conversation with two mums already who welcomed me to the group. PHEW!

I'm not gonna lie. I felt awkward. A lot of these ladies had been coming to the group week after week for months I was the newbie who'd just moved from Dubai and didn't know anyone.

It's weird when you're at these groups for the first time as you don't really get to chat properly at first to anyone. It's like speed dating I guess (although I've never been along to one of those things, lol), What do I mean by it's like speed dating... it's like speed friend finding... you kinda move around the room following your child and introduce yourself to another mum and find out about each other's little ones and then move on to the next mum as your little one moves across the room. After a few weeks now though of going to these mum and baby groups and no longer being the newbie. I think I've mastered it. HOWEVER... I can never remember everyone's name and their child name and often end up calling everyone babe or love!

I guess I wrote this post as I wanted to share. Stepping into a room full of mums and children who you've never met is really scary. But it's a great thing to do. Once you've been along to one of these things you soon become a pro and easily walk into any mum and baby group or class with ease.
If you are a new mummy and reading this wondering if you should go along to a group. I urge you to just do it.
Yes, it is scary for the first time and Yes you wonder what the heck to do. However, it's been one of the best things for both Lewis and I. We've both met great people. Lewis already has a few little friends who he blows kisses at and sits alongside and I've met some great mums who've already invited me out for walks to the park and coffee and cake. YAY to new friends!
(Clare & Lewis selfie)

Being a mum with a little one can sometimes be quite lonely and sometimes it's easy to get set in a routine where you have no time for you. By going along to a mum and baby groups you get time for both you and the little one and you get to have some great chats and to meet some lovely people.
Something that I've really noticed recently for us is that since going to the Mum and Baby groups Lewis is getting even more confident and is more and more wanting to walk because he see's other little one's doing it. All in all, I've found mum and baby groups to be a positive experience.

What do you think of mum and baby groups? Have you ever been to one?