Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Photos and Printing

I'm sorry that I've been a little quiet here on the blog recently... Baby Lewis and I have been spending time getting to know each other and Chris and I have been concentrating on the new weekly Vlogs... However now that Lewis and I have a daily schedule you can expect to see plenty of posts here on the Sparkly Blog so watch this space...

Today I wanna share with you some really special pictures. As you know the wonderful Chloe Lodge did a photo-shoot for Chris,
 and I just before I had Lewis, she also did a photo-shoot just after we had Lewis and a follow up shoot just as he turned 1 Month old here's a few images from all the photo-shoots. Thank you Chloe for such a wonderful selection of pictures. 

(Chris, Clare and Lewis 1 Week Old... Copyright Chloe Lodge / Clare Elise Sparkles)
I adore this photo below... Chloe did an amazing job... just look at that rainbow... 
(Chris, Clare and Lewis 1 Week Old... Copyright Chloe Lodge / Clare Elise Sparkles)

Look how small he is here at just one week old...  
(Lewis at just one week old... Copyright Chloe Lodge / Clare Elise Sparkles)

One Month on Nan visited from the UK and we had another photo-shoot with Chloe the difference in Lewis within just a month is incredible... this photo-shoot was just before he could smile and his facial expressions where so funny! 

(Lewis! Copyright Chloe Lodge / Clare Elise Sparkles)
 I love how Chloe used natural daylight to create this magical picture... 

(Clare and Lewis  Copyright Chloe Lodge / Clare Elise Sparkles)
Such a happy picture... 
(The family... Lewis is One Month Old Here... Copyright Chloe Lodge / Clare Elise Sparkles)

You can find out more about Chloe Lodge Photography by clicking HERE

If you follow my Instagram you will already have seen that Baby Lewis just turned 3 months old! 
Therefore I thought it was about time that Chris and I sorted out all of our Baby Lewis photos from the last couple of photo-shoots along with photos from my maternity shoot as I hadn't finished printing those off either.
Last week Chris and I spent an evening printing Baby Lewis photos on our new printer from HP...  (See more on our weekly vlog)

We printed all the pictures off using HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 4515,

(Photo of HP Deskjet Advantage A415 photo)

Chris and I were super impressed with this little bit of kit.... the pictures that we printed we're amazing quality and the printer was pretty quick at getting the job done (this is very helpful when you have a boy who's 3 months old!) . Chris also loves our new printer as he loves gadgets! Find out what Chris has to say..

Watch this space as I'll share with you some photos of the collage boards that I've done once they are finished...

(In partnership with HP Middle East)