Thursday, 15 January 2015

My First Week As A Mum...

Hi there lovelies,

As you may have noticed all has been very peaceful on the sparkly blog for the last week...
If you read my previous post and watched the YouTube video on there you'll have seen that in the early hours of the 7th January 2015 I was admitted to hospital and gave birth to our wonderful little boy...


I will look at sharing my birth story with you and do a little introduction video on YouTube shortly for baby Lewis... However can I just say right now a HUGE THANK YOU to the team of midwives that helped me through a natural birth with just gas and air on the 7th January, and a special THANK YOU to Joyce who was the midwife who supported me every step of the way in my labor room. I feel really blessed that I had such a wonderful lady supporting both Chris and I through such a big thing and will be forever thankful for her kind words and wonderful care throughout.
Also I must mention my consultant here to, who was just amazing! Thank you all.

Our first week with Baby Lewis has been incredible. Everyone keeps messaging us asking "How are you getting on?", " Is he a good little boy?", "Are you getting any sleep?", "How are you feeling in yourself?" .... 
(Proud Daddy Chris )

We are all doing amazing! Our boy is such a calm little thing and I truly believe this is down to me getting on with life as normal during pregnancy and staying calm. My blood pressure was always low throughout my pregnancy and as you will have seen from my Pregnancy Vlogs and Baby Bump Updates I've been really healthy as well... expect of course for the gall bladder thing on Week 34 but other than that all good! 
He is sleeping pretty good also (infact he is lay here next to me in his Chicco Next2Me Co-Sleeper right now as I type!)
We've got quite a nice sleep routine going on already and he's settling pretty easily and sleeping through maybe 2 or 3 hours at a time between feeds. 

Regards our life... we've been out and about most days over this last week, whether that's been for coffee after a follow up hospital appointment or for an early evening meal somewhere. Something that I was set on after birth was that as soon as I felt well enough after having him was that we got ourselves out and about. I didn't want to stuck in the house 24/7. 
(Our first family trip out for sushi on Saturday Evening)

My mum was here in Dubai for the birth. It was great to have her here by my side throughout the last couple of weeks of pregnancy and the actual birth. The only sad thing was that mum only had a few days with little 'un before she had to fly home because he was 7 days late... However it's all good as I've already booked Grandma a flight over in a few months time... so already we are looking forward to that ... 

(Grandma, Clare Elise and Little Un)
My Little Un was named after a very special man my Grandad! 
(The last picture taken of Clare Elise and her Grandad  - Christmas 2003) 

He was one of the closest people to me when I was growing up. I have many a happy memory of Christmas time with him and Grandma and of all the happy times we spent together as a family when I was growing up. Grandad was such a character... he always had something to say! I remember when I first had my hair cut short and dyed red. I walked into his living room and his first words were "Well that's definitely different and it looks like it's been cut with a knife and fork!" Whilst saying this though he had a little smile going on, so I knew he actually liked the new hair do! 
My Grandad passed away in 2004, I'll never forget that day because it broke my heart. However now I can smile everyday when I see my little boy and know that he was named after a lovely man.

So how am I doing one week on after pregnancy...

I'm actually doing really good. I'm feeling fab! 
I feel blessed as I had a really good pregnancy, a great birth and he is a really calm baby. 
Yeah I feel very, very lucky! 
(Clare Elise 40 Weeks Pregnant / 1 Week after birth)

As you can see from the above picture I'm doing pretty good at getting back to shape already! This is down to breastfeeding Lewis. When I was pregnant I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to breastfeed and although I knew it was important I decided to just go with the flow and see what happened. Pretty much straight after birth he latched on really well and from then on I knew that breastfeeding was the thing to do. 

So here we are then at the start of our journey... 
Watch this space as I'll be doing more updates very soon on the Sparkly Blog and on my YouTube Channel... 

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