Thursday, 22 January 2015

Being a mummy: Week 2

Firstly can I say a "HUGE THANK YOU" for all the lovely messages we've received and all the likes on Facebook. Thanks so much for all the love and best wishes, it really means lots to know you care.

As you know throughout pregnancy I've done weekly updates and vlogs and since having Lewis I've had a lot of messages asking if we are going to continue the update and vlogs now Lewis is here. The answer is yes... 
Each week I'll do a little written update here on the sparkly blog and also very soon they'll be videos on the Sparkly YouTube channel so make sure you click subscribe now... 
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So Week 2 of being a mum...

I'm genuinely loving it. Yes it can be a little tiring feeding every 2 / 3 hours and if Lewis has a grumpy moment and cries at me it can be a little frustrating trying to figure out his needs, however any stresses or tired moments slip away from me a soon as I see his cute little face and my heart melts each time he looks into my eyes.
It sounds soppy right! But genuinely this whole being a mum thing really is awesome and I'm loving it!

(Photo by Chloe Lodge photography - Baby Lewis)

If you've followed me for a while you may have seen that I set off on a fitness journey in January 2014 and called it #VLOGFIT if this is something of interest to you, you can watch my journey by clicking here > #VLOGFIT

During #VLOGFIT I actually got diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) this was something that I had suspected that I had, had for years but never actually got diagnosed with until January 2014. 
That appointment with the gynecologist really wasn't a fun one. She did a scan, confirmed I had PCOS and that I had plenty of cysts on my ovaries and then continued to tell me that I might never have a baby as fertility can be an issue. I actually cried right then and there in front of her as she was so negative. But after a cup of coffee, a chat with my mum and of course a lengthy chat with my hubbie I decided that I was gonna battle this and lose weight healthily (because after reading lots of books I found that weight played a big part). 
It's exactly a year since that appointment and I'm sitting here with a healthy little baby boy and a smile on my face and I've proved that PCOS doesn't have to control you. You can take control of it... This is quite personal topic but I wanted to share so that anyone else who might be reading this and suffering with PCOS can see that it doesn't have to leave you feeling down and lost you can find ways to help control it... 
Here's a video that I did last year with some helpful bits of information..

So back to Week 2 with Baby Lewis... 

(Baby Lewis 2 Weeks Old)

He's doing great! I'm managing to breastfeed him which I'm really happy with as I wasn't sure whether I'd be able to do it. However he latched on really well from day one and now is feeding brilliantly... in fact we weighed him this week and he is now 8lbs! Gold star for me... hee, hee, hee :) 

It's been a little tiring this week as he seems to be suffering from wind (as all babies do) so those night feeds have sometimes been a little long... but a good cup of Ringtons Tea seems to do the trick in the morning to wake me up, so happy days! 

We been out and about again most days which has been good for Lewis as it gets him a little bit of fresh air and some sunshine... although this last week we actually had really bad rain and the roads got flooded!

Chris is an amazing Dad.. he's a master at changing nappies super quick, he fetches me a glass of water when I'm breastfeeding (its thirsty work) and he's fab at getting rid of baby hiccups it would seem. What can I say... I'm very lucky! 

(Chris & Clare and Baby Lewis - photos by Chloe Lodge)

As you can see we've had some professional photo's taken. These were done by Chloe Lodge Photography. You may remember that Chloe was the lady who did our maternity photo shoot which you can see HERE

I've just got the photo's back as we actually had the photo shoot when Lewis was 1 Week Old... I'll share these on the Sparkly Blog soon so watch this space...