Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sparkly Sunday

Hi lovelies,

Welcome along to another "Sparkly Week." 

1. Yuletidy December decluttering challenge! Denise Duffield - Thomas

(photo with thanks to Denise Duffield - Thomas)

I really like Denise Duffield - Thomas and I really enjoyed reading Lucky Bitch it's definitely worth a read. However this month she's set this challenge on her Instagram & Facebook Page and I think its worth doing! YAY to being organised as you step into a New Year! 

2. The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Sparkler

(photo with thanks to The Body Shop)
I adore these. They add such sparkle to your body and hair and smell so good! If you're looking for something to add a little sparkle to your Christmas Party Outfit get this right now and then on your big night out lather on some moisturiser and spray this over the top, on your neck, shoulders and arms and finally add a little spritz to your hair for extra sparkle! 

3. Buffalo Burger Sandals

(photo with thanks to SCHUH)

As you know I love a quirky pair of shoes. Especially 90's style platforms.... however I think this is a little to random even for me!!!!  What do you think?

4. Advertising on the SPARKLY BLOG! WOO HOO! 

After writing this Sparkly Blog for over 2 years I've decided to finally give you the chance to advertise on the front page of the Blog. If you want to find out more about this click HERE and you'll find my little sparkly advert store. Just click on the advert you want to buy and it'll take you through the steps. THANKS FOR THE LOVE N SPARKLY SUPPORT!


(photo with thanks to Pure Candles Dubai)
As you know I'm a BIG FAN of candles and our house is full of them. I discovered Pure Candles here in Dubai a few month ago and since then I've slowly been building up quite the collection. If you live in Dubai definitely check them out, these candles really are the perfect Christmas Gift.