Friday, 12 April 2019

Mrs Hinch has had me searching Muscat for Zoflora!

Instagram is the place where social influencers blossom and grow, it's a place where shops sell us everything they stock via pretty pictures and it's a hobby for many as they go about sharing their everyday lives in the form of beautifully styled, filtered photos!

I love Instagram! There I've said it...
It's my favourite media by far. I enjoy browsing through pages and pages of independent retailers as well as reading empowering daily quotes from "girl bosses". When posting on Insta I enjoy carefully editing my photos and choosing filters and effects and hashtags and then I often spend way too long thinking up a caption for my photo, however, this just adds to the buzz of Insta and seeing the likes come in makes it all worthwhile!


Never in a million years did I think though that Instagram would get me interested in cleaning. I hate cleaning! Don't get me wrong I love being surrounded by clean rooms in a fresh clean house. However, I just hate how long it takes to clean and the fact that cleaning eats into my small amount of free time on a weekend. 

Last week I was sat scrolling on my phone when I came across a video by someone called Mrs Hinch and there it was a magic cleaning trick... Bicarbonate Soda with Zoflora disinfectant (this is a Mrs Hinch cleaning tip, not a Zoflora cleaning tip)! I was intrigued... I was glued to the screen and before I knew it I found myself sat there for a good half hour watching through all of her previous Instagram stories!

It's true! Mrs Hitch has somehow got me interested in cleaning. Over the last couple of days, I've found myself pouring toilet cleaner down my toilet before I go to bed and leaving my toilet brush standing in it and I've been searching through every local grocery store in the hope of finding a Minky and some Pink Stuff!!! (If you know, you know!)

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I feel I need to say this ... My Hinchers will remember this shoot day very well , you were all with me on my stories the evening before , on my way there , behind the scenes and on my way home , supporting me. I know I’ve said this so many times and I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record but without you all I wouldn’t have even considered doing a shoot like this. My family and friends know me inside out and they know how much my Hinchers have helped me and we’re ALL so grateful! 🙏🏼 Now this instagram “fame” as some call it , is not what I ever expected to gain from this account. Yes it’s true what you’ll read today in the you magazine interview .. I have turned down many TV deals and public appearances and this is because my biggest fear is losing my normal life (Tiny sewing machines n’all) But what I am doing is trying to grow myself and grow others on this Hinch journey until “hinching” no longer needs Mrs Hinch .. and I think I’ll know when that time comes in my own heart ❤️ So please .. to anyone reading this right now I hope you can take one very strong message from my interview today ... do not body shame anybody! Never judge a book by its cover! Everyone’s cover is their own and that is what’s so amazing! In fact I can’t even believe I’m on an actual cover 😂 But Please my Hinchers .. never want someone else’s life or even their image .. because you’ll live your happiest life with the most simplest of things .. and if you look close enough you probably already have those things right under your nose. Trust me I know ..I’ve been there! But I’ll stop typing now and leave the you mag and my book to tell you the rest ... All the best my Hinchers ❤️ Soph ❤️ AKA Mrs Hinch xxx #imahincher

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I've been recently checking out all of Mrs Hinch's previous posts and I've watched Mrs Hinch's Insta highlights I even found myself standing in a car park after yoga the other day talking to my friend about cleaning and Mrs Hinch! What is going on!!! 

One thing that I did want to try was Mrs Hinch's mattress cleaning trick which involves bicarb along with Zoflora. Last weekend I drove the hubby crazy as we ended up visiting several stores in the hope of finding Zoflora in Muscat, Oman! 

Sadly this didn't work out too well as NOWHERE in Muscat had Zoflora... I did, however, find a similar thing to Febreeze and tried this out... it worked out ok, the bed smelt lovely and fresh and the room smelt clean so I guess it did the trick. 

Are you a Mrs Hinch fan? 

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