Tuesday, 6 June 2017


You may have noticed that the sparkly blog has been a little quiet recently. That's because We've been a tad busy making life choices! 

So let's do a quick recap first shall we! I mean this might be the first time that you've read a post on this sparkly blog of mine.

In 2011. Chris and I jumped on a plane and flew off into the Sunset and built a new life in the Middle East... in Dubai. 

It was all a little mad. We'd never been there before and all I knew about Dubai was from what I had seen on the TV. We loved it out there! However, decided to return to the UK a couple of years ago... read Leaving Dubai for more on that!

We moved back to the UK in 2015 and we've been living near Brighton. We love it here. We have so many lovely friends, we have a lovely little pad, we love the beaches. the parks and the walks. We absolutely love where we live right now and have enjoyed the jobs that we've been doing here on the South Coast. However, I'm a BIG believer in the Universe and when an opportunity arises outta the blue sometimes you've just gotta grab it with both hands.

So here's our news....

You can read the official press release here.

Yup, Chris & I have been offered jobs at Hi FM Radio in Oman. We're really excited to be travelling back out to the Middle East and we're really looking forward to exploring Muscat. We'll be joining Robin Banks and his team. We've known Robin now for many a year and we're both proper excited to be working with such a creative and awesome guy! 

Our little family will be moving real soon... so click follow on our social media to keep up to date...