Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Why I love Yankee Candles...

Don't act like you don't know...


My friend Kim is to blame. I'd never really bothered about candles until I met her. It was 2011 and we'd just moved to Dubai, Kim took me candle shopping to one of her favourite stores in the Mall. I was totally amazed by all the candles and loved all the different scents and themes. It's safe to say that this shop soon became a favourite shop of mine in Dubai and before long our apartment was filled the brim with candles and beautiful scents!

When I moved back to the UK. I felt quite sad as the brand of candles which I fell in love with hadn't opened up shop here in the UK. Kim realised this and back in 2015 on my Birthday she sent me a box of goodies which contained a beautiful candle and melt burner type thingy from Yankee Candle since then Yankee Candles has become my favourite Candle brand and already our house is full of them.

This festive period has very much been about filling the home with candlelight. After reading all about HYGGE a little while back, candles have become even more important in the life of us. I got three super duper Yankee Candles for Christmas this year. I got All is Bright which is a soft and gentle fragrance that's fresh and bright and to be fair could easily be burnt all year round as the scent is so delicate.

The other Christmas Candle that I've got is ...

Festive Cocktail. This has a really warm fruity scent. You'll either love the heady scent of this candle or you'll hate it. Personally, I adore it. However, the hubby is less than impressed. He finds the scent a little too heavy and heady for his liking. Therefore I've kept this in the kitchen as I find it's perfect to freshen up that area after doing some cooking.

The third and final festive candle from Yankee Candle is ... 

Now this candle is a favourite in our household. Both the hubby and I love sweet scented candles so this was a must. This has a sweet and candy like scent, however, the scent is now too sweet and overpowering. Love this! Are you a Yankee Candle fan? Is there a scent that I've just got to check out? Let me know below with a comment x 

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