Monday, 11 July 2016

Remember Date Nights? JUST US BOX

This is not just another box subscription thing...

(Photo thanks to JUSTUSBOX)

I know, I know box subscriptions are big news. I've been subscribed to many. My favourite so far being Glambox in Dubai and Crown and Glory's Glitterati Box. HOWEVER, there's a new kid on the block in the box subscription world and this time it's not full of girlie fabulousness! NOPE, this subscription box is for couples. Yup, you read that right it's a box for couples... Oh and no it's not like that either... we're not talking 50 Shades Of Grey here we are talking about good old fashion DATE NIGHTS! 

When Chris and I first got together we went on so many dates. We both had a love of films so we would pretty much every week pop along to the cinema. We also love music so whilst living in Nottingham we would be regulars at Rock City or the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall and watch this gig and that gig just because we could.  However since having Lewis going out on dates hasn't really been a thing. Simply because when you have a little one they become the centre of your Universe and that's that.
Don't get me wrong, though. We have plenty of family outings, which you'll see from the Vlog / Instagram and Chris and I make sure that each week we have date nights at home. But sometimes let's be honest you crave the quirkiness and the fun that random date nights can bring.

That is why JUST US BOX really appeals to me.

JUST US BOX are a brand new company set up by two lovely mums who know just how important old skool date nights are. 

So how does this JUST US BOX thing work then?

Well, all you need to do is head on over to the pretty, sparkly new website that's just gone live. There you can subscribe to a monthly box subscription or if not you can just have a one off box to try. The idea behind JUST US BOX is to basically provide you as a couple with a fab quirky date night idea and all the ingredients to make that fun quirky date night happen! Cool huh?!

When I found out about JUST US BOX I totally fell in love with the whole super cool idea and I'm excited to announce that I'm gonna be working hand in hand with JUSTUSBOX over the next few weeks sharing more details of up and coming boxes and doing reviews so watch this space! 

If you want to get 10% of your first box click on JUST US BOX now and type in Date10 when you get there...

(This post in partnership with JUST US BOX)