Monday, 4 July 2016

Lewis Starts walking

I wouldn't say it was something I was worried about however I was starting to wonder when Lewis would be brave and start to walk! 

Just before his First Birthday and just after his Christmas party. Lewis finally decided he wanted to crawl. For weeks, he rolled from side to side and rolled to wherever he wanted to be, however crawling just didn't seem to be his thing. Then after being surrounded by little ones at his Christmas Party we returned home, put Lewis on the floor to play and shortly afterwards we both turned around and saw a little crawling babe heading our way! MEGA EXCITEMENT! 

Since April time, Lewis has been wanting to walk. He's been trying really hard to get from here to there but I think his confidence stopped him. At the beginning of May we went to visit family and during that weekend he tried a couple of times to take a step or two alone however a couple of steps was the maximum he would do.

The real turning point was in the middle of May. Lewis was playing with some little friends at one of the groups that we go to and he started to get really frustrated. Both of his little friends could walk and Lewis would stand, however, would have to crawl to be able to follow them around. As a Mum I felt really frustrated for him and over the next week did my best to try and build his confidence up even more... 

I remember everyone saying to me... Don't worry one day he will just get up and walk. This is too true. 22nd May 2016 Lewis decided to take his first proper steps around the house. I'll never forget that moment. As soon as he'd taken those steps I scooped him up in my arms and hugged and kissed him, my heart was filled with joy and my eyes filled with tears. It was most definitely a proud mum moment.

It's now over a month since Lewis took those first few steps and all I can say is there is definitely no stopping him now... 

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