Monday, 23 May 2016

Music & Mummy!

Music and I have had a long relationship already. We got to know each other from an early age. My mum used to sing to me every night and I really do think that that was where my love of music came from. I'm doing the same with Baby Lewis and already he bops to jazz music whilst sitting in Starbucks or dances in his car seat when the radio's on, so I think his love of music is already there with him at the age of 16 months which makes me super happy.

(Little Lewis in Dad's Sunnies!)

By the age of 5, I was on stage singing in the Christmas Nativity and my Mum and Dad were proud as punch!

From the age of 7, I started singing classes with Mr Mold. He was the best teacher that one could ask for and taught me so much. Alongside this, I started singing in church, in a choir, at music festivals and I began taking my singing examinations. Music and Me got even closer.

In my teens pop music really started to get a hold of me. I used to love going to Woolworths with my Dad on a Saturday grabbing a bag of Pick and Mix and a cassette or two, In fact, my collection of probably around 200 cassettes or more lives in my mum's loft still. Even though I can't play them and probably will never play them again I can't actually bring myself to get rid of them!

I was 16 years old and a regular at the local karaoke singing songs by Whigfield and Alex Party. Then slowly I moved on to learn songs by Ace of Base and Oasis! Before I knew it I was 17 years old and Karaoke turned into Talent Competitions. My mini karaoke machine in the bedroom became a full-size PA system in the living room and no longer was I reading Just Seventeen instead I was spending money buying "The Stage" newspaper and NME and weekly sitting searching through the audition pages. 

By the age of 18/19, my love affair with music was in full bloom. I was gigging in bands, studying music at college, singing here and there as a soloist and applying for and going along to every audition I could do.

I auditioned for Pop Idol, Pop Stars, Michael Barrymore My Kind Of People, Jane McDonalds Talent Show.... the list goes on and on and on... 

After that, I toured for years, won the Trent FM Fame Game and won Make Me A Sheila Star and starred in the Sheilas Wheels TV advert. 

It's fair to say that Music and I really were truly in love.

(Clare Elise and the Sheilas)

In 2011, I played my last gig as a soloist in the clubs... It was time for a life change. I packed my suitcase and flew off to Dubai.

(Clare Elise on the beach in Dubai)

Don't get my wrong I still adored music with all my heart however in Dubai I didn't find the right places to gig and I decided to play the music I loved on radio in an 80's and 90's show and instead record dance tracks... so my relationship with music continued.

(Clare Elise presenting on Dubai 92)

However by 2014, our relationship was a little distant. Music and I still worked well together however other things started to come into play and by January 2015 things changed a lot as I became a MUM! 

(Little Lewis and Clare Elise)

Now as anyone who is a mummy will know when you have a little one all changes. Priorities change and that little person becomes your full focus and love. 

Gigging, Writing and playing music were all pushed aside and Lewis became my full focus from the day he was born. Don't get me wrong for the last year and a bit I've shared my love of music with him every day. Whether that's been singing him lullabies or silly songs that I make up whilst changing his nappy! As I said before Little Lewis proper loves music already which for me is amazing and exciting! 

If you follow me on social media you'll already know what I'm about to share. At the beginning of May, I stepped back into the recording studio for the first time in well over a year.

It was pretty nerve-wracking, to be honest. But as soon as I stood in front of the mic and began to sing it was as if we'd never been apart. Music and I were as close as ever. 

So what did I record? 

I recorded a new dance track! I personally really like it and think it's got so much to give. So fingers crossed that it gets signed up and released. 

Now I'm not gonna lie up until now gigging and touring has been put on the back burner so to speak. In Dubai, I didn't find the right places to gig (as I've mentioned before) and I think to a degree I've toured so much over the years and from an early age that part of me just needed to have a rest! 

HOWEVER... Two weeks ago I really started to fall back in love with the idea of being on stage again and getting into a new music project or band. I think it's because I feel now that Little Lewis is now a bit older and the timing just feels right.

So last week I auditioned to be the front person for a well-known rock band in the area. I loved how this audition challenged me and I enjoyed every minute in the rehearsal room. I guess what I'm saying to you is that music and I are still very much in love and you need to watch this space! ;)