Tuesday, 8 September 2015

It's all in boxes... Moving House!

I'm a little late posting this... However I thought I would still post it...  Moving House is a BIG thing... MOVING COUNTRY is a totally different thing... 

Today was a very random day.

Back in 2011 Chris & I arrived in Dubai with just a couple of suitcases and a smile on our faces excited for this new adventure that we were starting.
I remember opening the front door to the very first apartment that we moved in to. It wasn't all that glamorous to be honest and was pretty basic as it was company accommodation. Don't get me wrong it was ok and we were provided with all the basics but it wasn't a home.
That changed though over time. Before we knew it we had kitted out our new home with the help of Dubizzle, Pan Emirates and Ikea and after a little while we moved closer to the city and owned a house full of furniture. Dubai had become our home.

I said to Chris earlier today that today is a pretty random day as I feel kinda a mixed bag of emotions right now. It only feels like yesterday that Chris & I were unpacking our suitcases and getting to know Dubai. However it is actually nearly five years ago and here we are not unpacking but packing the suitcase and heading back to the UK to start a brand new adventure.

As I type I'm surround by a pretty empty looking apartment. Items we need in the UK have been collected and are now on their way to be shipped, bags of items we no longer need are neatly stacked near the door ready to be thrown away or to be given away and all around there are piles of items here and there that I need to go through in order to prepare for leaving this beautiful place that we've called home for so long.

I laughed to myself this Morning! I really thought that we didn't have that much. HOWEVER now going through cupboards and drawers I see that we've managed to accumulate quite a lot of stuff between us and now that we also have a Baby Boy... yeah the amount of "stuff" we own is a little bit crazy.

I tell you something that is really cool. I've met so many lovely people in our community these last few weeks. How? By selling things online. It's great. I've listed so many items and all have been sold and have gone to good homes. This makes me happy as I'm not someone who likes to throw things away or waste things that can be used or reused again.

Last week I even found myself handing over a big bag of different types of tea bags to a couple who've just moved out to Dubai from the UK. They probably wondered why I was handing them a packet of Rington's Tea. However guaranteed one day they'll fancy an English cuppa and find that in the back of a cupboard and hopefully it will make them smile and think of us.

Our old Baby Clothing went to help a family in need and some of my clothes are going to the Philippines to help a girl's family out, our small baby cot went to a lady who's pregnant and due to give birth in October and some of my old sparkly hair clips went to a little girl who was happy because she looked like a Princess. 

All in all I'm happy because what we need from our Dubai adventure is heading back to the UK and other things have gone to other people to make them happy. 

Life is Good!