Thursday, 29 January 2015

Being a Mummy: Week 3

Several people have messaged me and said.. "Enjoy this time as it flies by". 
At first I thought "What the heck are they on about..." now though with a little one who's already 3 weeks old I understand exactly what they are saying... How is little Lewis 3 Weeks Old already?! 

(Baby Lewis in his funky outfit of the day)

I've had a few Facebook messages asking where Lewis' funky trousers are from... they're from a UK company called "Blade & Rose"  I absolutely LOVE THEM as they're bright and colourful, they also have a cool pictured on the bum... (this pair have a picture of a whale on them.) Also they are really stretchy and easy to get on which makes life a lot easier when your little one decides he wants to wriggle all over the place... PLUS they are nice and loose which is great as Lewis has been suffering with a little bit of wind! (I got my Blade & Rose trousers from BabyShop here in Dubai.)
Lewis is also wearing in this picture some Fisher Price shoes (from Babyshop) and a little suit from Mothercare.

This weeks been another good week... 
Lewis is a little love... however he has been suffering from trapped wind this week and earlier on in the week it seemed no matter how many times I winded him it made no difference to him at all as he still lay there squirming about crying. This is very frustrating as a parent... not because of the crying but because he was uncomfortable and I couldn't make it better. 
We were advised to get Infacol which is based around Simeticone. This helps to make the air bubbles bigger and easier to pass... We tried this out and to be honest I'm not sure if it actually made things any better... also after reading all the ingredients I decided not to use it anymore as it contains Saccharin Sodium, flavouring and two E numbers!!!! 

Good news though I seem to have figured out a way to deal with the trapped wind... 
I had a Boppy pillow brought for us by a friend. You can read about them here > BOPPY 
Now after every feed I sit him in the pillow for a few minutes so he's nicely upright and comfortable and then wind him gently after that. Giving him this extra bit of time after feeding seems to have really helped and he seems a lot more comfortable and chilled. 
YAY for that!

(Retro Feasts at The Beach Dubai)

This week we decided to take Little Lewis for a walk round "The Beach" here in Dubai... 
We actually had our maternity photo shoot at "The Beach" in Magnolia Bakery... so it was really nice to take Lewis in there now he's here.

(Maternity Photo shoot at Magnolia Bakery by Chloe Lodge)
Lots of peeps have been asking about our Vlogs... can I just say it's nice to know that you've been enjoying them... The Vlogs will be back and they'll be plenty of videos coming up on my YouTube channel soon... however this week we thought we would do a quirky, fun little introducing Lewis video... so click here and watch that now... 

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