Thursday, 6 November 2014

Baby Bump Update Week 31

Hi there lovelies,
WEEK 31 is here... We're officially now on the countdown to 40 WEEKS! This is a little scary but also super exciting!!!!! 
(Clare Elise 31 Weeks Pregnant, photo taken on Nokia 1020)

This week Wriggle Bottom aka Baby Bump has been wriggling lots again and now that he's getting bigger I can really see and feel him dancing around in my belly! It would seem he's already also a very big fan of 80's and 90's tunes as he gets pretty active in my belly when I'm in the studio... hee, hee, hee... 
This week's been busy but not quite as busy as last the last two weeks, however there is plenty to see in this weeks Vlog as ever... 
(watch the video by clicking on the picture below)

How far along?

31 Weeks going into 32 Weeks

Maternity clothes?

Its all about maternity clothing.

Stretch marks?

Yup my belly is getting bigger and the stretch marks are happening, however I think the lotions and potions are helping to keep them under control a little.


This week's not been a good for sleep, I've not been able to get comfortable and the leg cramps returned.... 

Best moment this week:

I really enjoyed the beauty launches that I went to this week and enjoyed catching up with fellow bloggers over a cup of tea! 

Anything making you queasy or sick?

Nope this week's been great!


Check out our YouTube video to find out if its a boy or a girl!!!!!


Lack of sleep due to not getting comfortable and some leg cramps. 

Happy or moody most of the time:

Happy always :)

Looking forward to:
My 32 Week check up this week.