Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sparkly Sunday

1. Beau Monde Babe

I'm always on the look out right now for cute, funky items of baby clothing and I stumbled across this online store on Instagram the other day. Chris & I are particularly liking this "BAT BABY Onesie". . . . .  Chris is a Batman fan, so yeah... ;) 

( Photo thanks to Beau Monde Baby

Momymoo do super funky changing bags and hospital bags. This one was brought for us as a gift off of our baby registry and I have to say, I'm totally in love with it already!

(Photo taken by Clare Elise using Nokia 1020 phone) 

If you're a cat lover and you've not seen Simon's Cat on YouTube you are seriously missing out... Here's the Halloween Special... 

This is so nineties... it's out in November on Spinnin Records.

I really do love this time of year... Autumn and Christmas is my favourite! I also really enjoy burning candles at this time of the year therefore I'm always on the look out for pumpkin ones... I found this company on ETSY and the scent sounds pretty fabulous! 

(Photo thanks to The Tiny Collection)